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Airops Data Sidekick uses GPT-4 and Claude to help users make, fix, and improve SQL queries, write docs, and more, up to ten times faster. It has different apps or recipes for different tasks.

A web app, Chrome and Firefox add-ons, and APIs are ways to access the tool. It’s free for individuals and small teams. It works with popular data warehouses like Snowflake, Redshift, Postgres, and BigQuery.

The SQL Writer feature makes queries from plain language using your database structure. It can also help if you don’t know which tables to use.

In addition, Airops Data Sidekick has an AirOps Workspace where users can quickly set up their first data stack or connect existing ones, explore and organize data using AI and natural language, and make documents, spreadsheets, APIs, and other things.


Work with data 10x faster

Sidekick uses AI and info from your data warehouse to make common data tasks like writing SQL and updating docs 10x faster.

You can use Sidekick wherever you work best, including web browsers, BI tools, consoles, with our handy browser add-on, and through our APIs.

Anyone who works with data can use Sidekick to convert plain language to SQL like magic, explain, change and fix existing SQL queries, and suggest questions you can answer from any database table.

Data Pros can use Sidekick to auto document table structures, generate python scripts and dbt YAML files, and optimize queries to make them faster and reduce your warehouse bill.


What AirOps Does

SQL Tools:

  • SQL Fixer,
  • Query Explainer,
  • SQL Writer,
  • Query Writer,
  • Query Updater,
  • SQL Query Optimizer for writing,
  • fixing, explaining, and improving SQL queries.

Content Creation Tools:

  • SEO Helper,
  • Product Descriptions,
  • Brand Helper,
  • Email Writer,
  • Collection Writer,
  • Text Generator for making
  • Optimizing different types of content.

Code Generation Tools:

  • Liquid Template Generator,
  • a/b Test Creator,
  • Python Script Creator,
  • Generate dbt Config,
  • dbt SQL,
  • dbt Python Code Generator.

Data Analysis Tools:

  • Text Classifier,
  • Magic Transformer,
  • Sentiment Analyzer,
  • Entity Extractor,
  • Question Suggestor for analyzing and transforming data.

Documentation Tools:

  • Table Documenter a
  • Query Explainer for creating documentation and explanations.

Transcription Tool:

  • Turns audio and video files into text.

AirOps Workspace:

  • Allows users to set up data stacks,
  • Explore and organize data,
  • Create docs, sheets, APIs, and more using AI.

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Pro Price Plan

The Pro price plan, priced at $49 per month, offers great value with a variety of features. With a monthly task allocation of 5,000 (additional tasks at $9 per 1,000), this plan supports up to 3 users and includes access to OpenAI’s model providers, featuring GPT-3.5 16k, Claude 1.2, Claude Instant, and the latest GPT-4. Users can manage memory for PDFs, Docs, and CSV files. Deployment methods include API, Sheets, and Web interfaces. Basic support is included, ensuring users have assistance when needed. It’s a comprehensive package for those seeking advanced language models and versatile deployment options without breaking the bank.


Team Price Plan

The Team price plan, priced at $299 per month, offers a comprehensive set of features building upon the Pro plan. With a substantial monthly task allocation of 50,000 (with additional tasks at $6 per 1,000), this plan provides unlimited user access. It includes an expanded range of model providers such as Anthropic and Azure, along with AirOps Hosted Models like GPT-4 32k, Claude 100k, and Claude Instant 100k. Managed memory encompasses API, SQL, external Pinecone, and Automated Refresh capabilities. Deployment methods are diversified with options like Frontend SDK, Snowflake, and ASYNC API. Scale features include Versioned API, Unlimited Run History, Evals, User Permissions, and Fine Tuning. Priority support ensures swift assistance, making the Team plan ideal for those requiring advanced functionalities and scalable solutions for a team of unlimited users.


Enterprise Price Plan

The Enterprise plan, available at a custom price, is the pinnacle offering, encompassing everything from the Team plan and beyond. With a tailored approach, this plan allows for a custom monthly task allocation, ensuring flexibility to meet unique needs. Users enjoy unlimited access, and the model provider options expand to include both Open Source and Private Models. AirOps Hosted Models are fully customizable, accommodating specific requirements. Managed memory extends to custom data pipelines, offering a highly adaptable solution. Deployment methods are tailored with custom connectors, and scale features include the incorporation of custom models and connectors. The Enterprise plan comes with dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) support, a shared Slack channel for direct communication, and additional Professional Services for those seeking specialized assistance. This plan is designed for organizations with distinct and sophisticated requirements, offering a personalized and comprehensive solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I use up all my tasks?

If you use up your tasks, you can keep using AirOps but you’ll be charged for any extra use past what you first got. For Pro plan, extra tasks are $9 per 1000 tasks. For Team plan, tasks are $6 per 1000.

What if there’s an error when I run an app – do I get charged to try again?

No, you won’t be charged tasks if an error happens when running an AirOps App. You only get charged for tasks when an app runs successfully. If there’s an error, you can try running the App again without more tasks counted.

How does the Free Trial work?

The 7-day AirOps Free Trial gives you access to all Pro plan features, including GPT-4, Claude 2 and other models, for 10 days. You don’t need to enter payment until the end of the trial. Your trial will end when 1) you use up the trial tasks, 2) 10 days pass, or 3) you end the trial early to upgrade.

How do I sign up for the Free Trial?

All you have to do is sign up and you’re automatically put in the Free Trial.

What happens when the Free Trial is over?

After the Free Trial ends, you’ll be asked for your payment info. You can choose which plan works best (Pro or Team) and you’ll be charged the monthly fee then.

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