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The Fastest Way to Repurpose your Video (and other) Content

Turn videos into blogs, blogs into Twitter threads, and 150+ other content transformations.

Content Creation on Autopilot

Monitor your YouTube channel or Blog feed and generate repurposed content as it is published.

The minute you hit publish, we start turning your content into social posts, newsletters, summaries, outlines, and additional blog posts without you lifting a finger.

Content Distribution

Generate assets and insights that will help distribution on social, email, and PR campaigns.

Content Repurposing

Repurpose existing marketing assets to use on social, email, and PR campaigns.

Knowledge Base: AI that is grounded by your existing content

We analyze and index your content across all your marketing channels.

Create content faster with Parallel Content Creation

Create dozens of pieces of content in the same time it takes to create one piece of content with ChatGPT.

Run dozens of content generators in parallel. Get 10x more content compared to other platforms in the same amount of time.

Select a Writing Style for each channel

Is your writing style different between LinkedIn and your Blog? Set a specific writing style for each publishing channel.

Define a separate writing style for LinkedIn posts, Tweets, Emails, and Website content.

An AI engine connected to your Knowledge Base

We’ll build your Knowledge Base of marketing content and layer it on top of the core AI model.

Search through your social media posts, blogs, PDFs, YouTube transcripts, and books to find old content to repurpose.

Turn videos into blog posts

Publish SEO-optimized blog posts for every video. Enable Autopilot for hands-off repurposing of your YouTube channel.

Turn blogs into Twitter threads

Convert blogs into social content like Twitter threads. Go beyond sharing links on social media and deliver valuable insights instead.

Publish more consistently across all channels

Unlock more value from every piece of content. Intelligently re-use, recycle, and repurpose to create an automated content machine.

Publish more consistently with Autopilot

Social platforms reward consistency. Turn every blog post into a Twitter thread and a native LinkedIn post.

Deliver insights across all channels

Deliver insights and thought leadership across every channel from each piece of content you publish.

Share insights, not just links

Dumping links on social doesn’t work. Your audience is hungry for a native point of view, so give it to them.

Unlock value trapped inside long videos and huge PDFs

Extract the key points from large PDFs and 1hr+ videos and meet your audience where they are spending time.

Welcome to Automata’s Blog

Learn more about strategies for content marketing teams, how to get the most out of every piece of content, and much more.


Pay-as-you-go is for you.

Subscribe and save and put your content repurposing on AutoPilot.

Use Case

Content Distribution

Give Your New Content a Chance with a Repeatable Content Distribution Strategy

Generate marketing collateral to distribute and promote your new content on social, web, and email.

Promote Videos on Social

Extract key themes and topics from a webinar, interview, or tutorial. Generate promotional posts for LinkedIn and Twitter.

Turn Blog Posts into an Email Marketing Campaigns

Analyze a recent blog post to promote in an email marketing campaign or your next newsletter.

Generate Landing Page Headlines from E-books and White papers

Generate landing page headlines directly from assets like e-books, white papers, and case studies.

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