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The modern coding superpower

A free extension to code with AI.

A Free AI-Powered Toolkit for Developers.

In-house models and infrastructure, not another API wrapper. Extensions in all your IDEs. Autocomplete and Search, with more coming.



Your IDEs. Your Languages.

We’ve trained models on 70+ of your favorite languages. And then integrated them with 40+ editors. More languages and integrations coming every week.




Some features are using in Codeium

AI-Powered Autocomplete

Autocomplete faster than thought. Codeium’s generative code can save you time and help you ship products faster.

Intelligent Search

Don’t wrestle with clunky regexes anymore. Use our AI search to find files and code related to your intent.

AI-Powered Chat

Get a helping hand from Codeium Chat. Generate boilerplate, refactor code, add documentation, explain code, suggest bug fixes, and so much more.

Discover More



It’s Free

It’s pretty simple. Individual users get free forever access to Codeium. Teams can level up with our enterprise offering for enhanced fine-tuning and flexible deployments.



Welcome To Codeium Chat

Your new AI-powered coding assistant that can write you code, answer your questions, and level up your productivity. Available for free today in our VS Code extension.



Codeium for Enterprises

The Best AI Dev Tool for Your Firm’s Needs

Unbeatable Security

Fully self-hosted. By default, your code and data never leaves your on-prem servers or virtual private cloud, even to us.

Personalized to Your Code

Additional local training to personalize the models to your existing code, giving you the best quality suggestions possible.

Supports Everyone

Integrated where any of your developers need it – all popular standalone IDEs, Jupyter and Colab notebooks, and more!

We Take Data Security Seriously

Self-hosted. Airgapped. Fully In-Tenant.

Codeium for Enterprises meets your data security needs.


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