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Copysmith is your solution to… Stop cart abandonment

Copysmith’s AI content generator makes product description writing fast, easy and fun – are you ready for your mind to be blown?

Product Descriptions

Write and launch SEO-focused product descriptions that outrank the competition and convert more shoppers to customers in record time

Write descriptions for any retailer

Our product description generator is built to match the specific requirements of existing retail platforms like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Etsy, and more

Rewrite old content instantly

Our content rewriter instantly refreshes stale or old content to retain or improve SERPs

Create content in bulk

In a matter of seconds, you can write product descriptions, meta tags, social media captions, and email subject lines at scale

Designed for teams

Say goodbye to confusion between teams – coordinate and stay on top of content with ease by collaborating in real-time

Powerful API

Integrate with your existing tool stack or proprietary systems to save time by automating basic tasks. Our API takes care of all the grunt work so you don’t have to


The perfect solution for Marketing teams to drive sales

Everyone knows that content matters to get ahead online. For Retailers SEO content is the differentiator for high traffic and quality customers. High-quality content matters when driving growth for your business.

Even better, high-quality content produced at scale is a game-changer for your growth and productivity. With Copysmith, you’ll stay ahead of the competition, and rank #1 in record time.

A better way to scale your business For Manufacturers

Whether you manage 10 or 10,000 SKUs, our AI copywriting software gives you the power to write product descriptions at a scale, that converts. Crush your sales goals, outrank your competitors and give your team the power of speed

What can you do with Copysmith’s AI content creator?


Let’s make great content together

Copysmith’s platform empowers major brands and eCommerce teams to generate, collaborate on and deliver product focused content that converts

Everything you need to wow your customers – all in one place

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