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The Complete AI Vision Platform for automation

We simplify the workflow to annotate, train, visualize, and deploy computer vision models, so you can launch products faster and better.

Helping global companies and teams launch computer vision products faster and better.

End-to-End System to Build AI Vision.

Delivering 10x Value – Here’s What We Achieved.

Faster Production

Accelerate your time to market by shortening development time from months to just 14 days on average.

Low Commitment

We empower all non-technical users to build like a pro quickly and easily without the hefty cost of hiring.

Built for the World

Join the global community building computer vision models on our no-code MLOps platform, regardless the industry.

Easy Data Preparation

Onboard, manage, and keep track of your datasets as well as teammates on a single platform.


Advance Annotation Features

Create pixel-perfect annotated images of all formats 10x faster with suite of annotation tools.

Create Pixel-Perfect Mask Outlines with A Few Clicks

Achieve pixel-perfect mask with IntelliBrush by outlining even the most challenging objects. Select regions that are in or out of your interest and achieve precision in a few clicks.

Optimised Algorithms and Libraries

Build state of the art computer vision models with composable workflows, supported by industry proven algorithms and libraries.

Configure Datasets, Augmentations, and Models to Enhance Performance

Customise training workflows by configuring datasets, augmentations, and models quickly and easily to suit any model training via an intuitive drag and drop interface.

Accurate Model Evaluation and Visualisation

Assess your model’s performance with interactive metrics, graphs, and visualisation tools in realtime.

Evaluate Metrics That Matter in a Single View

Make informed decisions in a single glance to improve your model’s performance by reviewing neural training insights against target metrics – Total Loss, Classification Loss, and Localisation Loss.

Seamless Deployment via API

Deploy your model and scale your application with our reliable global cloud infrastructure, regardless of the tech stack. Or export your model and use it as an inference in other applications.

Easy API Integration for Any Tech Stack

Quickly integration powerful APIs with your stack and start running inference predictions with a few lines of code.

Content Designed to Help You Build Computer Vision Models Faster and Better


Build Your AI Vision Applications for Free

Develop your go-to-market product with our no-code MLOps platform that simplifies how computer vision models are built.

  • Up to 500 images with unlimited annotations
  • Up to 300 minutes of GPU training
  • Slack and email support from our engineers and product managers


Plans for Innovators to Enterprises, and anyone in between

Whether you are starting out or managing a complex machine learning pipeline with multiple members, we have a plan for you to build better and faster

Feeling stuck with our product? Schedule a free 30 mins consultation with our engineering team now!

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