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Generative AI Made Easy With Monster API

Effortlessly access powerful generative AI models with our auto-scaling APIs, with zero management required.

Featured AI Models

Generative AI models like stable diffusion, pix2pix, and dream booth are now an API call away. Build applications on top of such generative AI models using our scalable rest APIs which integrate seamlessly and come at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives.


A latent text-to-image diffusion model capable of generating photo-realistic images conditioned on text descriptions


Upto 90% low-cost on-demand speech-to-text transcription using OpenAI whisper large-v2 AI Model.

Text Generation

Use Falcon-7B Instruct AI Model API for instruction-based text generation use cases such as: Copywriting, Summarisation, Code-writing, and much more.


A latent diffusion model capable of generating photo-realistic generating image-to-image translations guided by a text prompt


On-demand text to speech using Suno AI Bark AI Model with support for 10+ languages.


Instruct-pix2pix model enables fast and effective image editing based on simple instructions.

Why Choose Us?

We got everything you need

Ready to Scale

When you need to scale bi-directionally based on demand and keep a great customer experience.

Cost Savings

When you need to gain cost efficiency and your spend for “always-on” GPUs is too expensive.

Speed to Market

When you need a reliable hosting solution quickly and/or prefer moving fast over building in-house.

Launch a Fine-Tuning Job

This guide walks you through the process of fine-tuning a large language model using MonsterTuner – a no code scalable LLM fine-tuner.





The subscripton plans mentioned below provide credits that can be used for sending requests to any of the AI Model APIs present on our platform, or to finetune a Large Language Model of your choice. Choose a plan that aligns best with your needs.

Calculate Custom Pricing

Choose a model of your choice and specify the expected usage to get a monthly cost estimate.

This is just a simple cost estimator. Actual price may vary depending on other parameters. For more granular cost estimate, reach us at MonsterAPI Support.

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