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Your AI-driven Meeting Productivity

Free 2 hours daily on meeting follow-ups, summaries, and tasks. Let Noty Workplace AI Assistant do it for you.

Uninterrupted work in your major collaboration tools

Noty seamlessly integrates with Google Workspace services and Zoom. Get free AI meeting notes for Google Meet and Zoom calls, send follow-ups in Gmail, and export your transcriptions to Google Doc.

Our main features

5 steps to automating your meeting routine

AI transcription for meetings

Save business-critical call data forever

Your meetings are an invaluable source of information. Don’t let that data fall through the cracks. Noty offers AI transcription for Google Meet and Zoom free of charge to all users forever.

Highlight in 1 click

Stay 100% focused with hands-free AI note taking

Have you come across important insights during the call? No need to write it down! Use free AI note-taking app instead. Highlight insights in just one click and share them with your team.

ChatGPT-powered summaries

Spend 10X less time on call summaries & tasks

No more struggling to recap the call and assign tasks to your team. Noty generates an AI transcript summary, task or decision for you in seconds.

Predrafted follow-ups

Automate your meeting follow-ups

Having problems with wording an email after a call? Noty will draft a follow-up email with your highlights and automatically add all the call participants.

Team collaboration

Collaborate on meetings after they are over

Share your meeting transcriptions, highlights, and summaries with call participants and teammates in Noty application or export them to Google Doc.

Use Cases

Learn how Noty helps you do your work better

Project Management

The biggest project hazards are inadequate or poor communication and constant lack of time. With Noty, you can keep record of all your conversations and not to worry about missing a single detail. Update team in seconds by assigning tasks, sharing instructions, or communicating essential project milestones with drafted 1-click follow-ups and shared spaces.

UX/UI Researchers

Minimize design revisions and maximize an efficient workflow by keeping all your meetings saved for future reference. Do precisely what is asked without having to wipe out your designs and restart a million times again. You can build and systematically update a central UX knowledge hub by implementing an AI transcription tool for the team’s online meetings.

Sales and Discovery

Increase your sales and exceed your quotas with the help of Noty. Seamlessly follow up on all your meetings with 1 click, build a close relationship with your clients, automate your workflow and win more deals. By structuring your sales and discovery calls with our transcribing tool and AI summaries, you can create focused breakthrough sales tactics for client acquisition.

Product Management

Managing organizational communications, timelines, team alignment, and juggling between multiple syncs are the most challenging aspects of this job, but with Noty taking care of your notes, you can stay engaged in all the meetings. Ideating, conducting research, developing product roadmaps and go-to strategies is easy with our AI technology.

HR and Recruitment

When it comes to interviewing prospects, Noty helps you pay more attention to how well they fit with the company. Easy and structured access to all your conversations allows you to simplify your workflow: provide easy hand-offs, track the progress of your co-workers, prepare for one-on-ones, and stay on top of the communication process.

Engineering Teams

Automate your communication and post-meeting collaboration with Noty. Whether designing software, or machines, you can leverage live meeting transcription, 1-click notes, and AI summaries and action items to enhance your team’s productivity for incredible results.


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