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Create winning ads 10x faster with AI

Pencil is the AI Ad Generator that helps brands & agencies create new ad variations 10x faster.

Pencil is the new, better way to get ad creative.

With Pencil, you get the ultimate combination of creative humans and generative AI.

It’s fast, easy, cost-effective, and delivers results.

AI is the easiest way to generate unlimited ad creatives, integrated with your existing stack.

1. Connect your data

Connect data from your ad accounts to learn from winning ads, see insights and train predictions.

2. Connect your assets

Connect to your store or assets library to import branding, images, videos and product information.

3. Generate or receive ads

Generate new static & video ad creatives yourself in minutes, or receive creatives made by your Creative Assistant.

New to Generative AI? Watch a quick demo!

See how Pencil uses AI to help you generate and edit ad creatives.
Use $1B in ad spend data to get insights, predictions and benchmarks to improve results.

Automatically generate static & video ad creatives.

Don’t spend time and money making ads manually… especially when most end up not performing. Automate creative production and breathe a sigh of relief.

Run creatives predicted to win based on $1B in ad spend.

Pencil helps you run only those creatives already expected to perform among the top quartile in your sector. This is based on a dataset of over $1B in ad spend, so you know it’s good.

Easily edit ad creatives to achieve the perfect result.

Pencil’s editor allows you, your designer or even your media team to make the simple edits that are so important to performance testing – in real time.

Get clarity on what’s working in your creatives, and what isn’t.

See what copy, creatives and even design elements are common across your winning and losing ads. So you can do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t.

See how your results stack up against your sector.

Pencil Benchmarks tell you how you’re performing vs. your sector – but also what tactics and creative angles everyone’s using that you should be, too.

Pencil’s AI ads simply get results.

In this ebook, we analyse over 600 real Pencil-generated ads to see how performance compared to brands’ ROAS & CPA baselines.

In it, you’ll see:

  • How many brands improve their results
  • Results by sector + funnel stage
  • How quickly brands got results with Pencil ads

Pencil’s AI is the secret weapon of fast-growing brands & agencies

Learn how brands & agencies are using Pencil to test more ad creative,
turn their data into competitive advantage and unlock the next level of growth.

Never push a pixel again.

We’ve generated 1M+ ad creatives for 2,000+ brands using AI. Just provide your branding & assets and let Pencil write copy, edit video (including UGC!), choose templates and produce finished ads for you.

Discover winning angles for your products with AI generated ad copy.

Pencil doesn’t just generate ad copy – it proposes entirely new angles to pitch your products based on data from over $1B in ad spend. Save time writing copy and improve your performance with better ideas simultaneously.

Automatically cut and remix video & UGC into entirely new ad ideas.

Pencil finds key moments in your existing video and UGC assets to go along with your copy narrative, producing finished ads just like a pro editor.

Algorithmically experiment with layouts, branding, product, CTAs and more.

Pencil proposes new ad designs within your established branding and using your existing assets, so you’re constantly testing and learning which creative elements improve your results.


Join 3,000+ brands and agencies scaling their businesses with Pencil

Every ad account has winners and losers – but are you learning from them?
Let’s find your next level of growth on a 30-minute call.

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