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Long-term Memory for AI

The Pinecone vector database makes it easy to build high-performance vector search applications. Developer-friendly, fully managed, and easily scalable without infrastructure hassles.

What can you do with vector search?

Once you have vector embeddings, manage and search through them in Pinecone to power semantic search, recommenders, and other applications that rely on relevant information retrieval.


Semantic search
Product search
Multi-modal search


Text generation
Image generation


Anomaly Detection
Fraud Detection
Bot/threat detection
Identity verification


Feed ranking
Ad targeting
Candidate selection

Analytics & ML

Data labeling
Model training
Molecular search
Generative AI

Data Management

Pattern matching

Fully managed, production-ready

Launch, use, and scale your vector search service with our easy API, without worrying about infrastructure or algorithms. We’ll keep it running smoothly and securely.

Easy to use

Get started on the free plan with an easy-to-use API or the Python client.


Scale from zero to billions of items, with no downtime and minimal latency impact.

Pay for what you use

Start free, then pay only for what you use with usage-based pricing.

No ops overhead

No need to maintain infrastructure, monitor services, or troubleshoot algorithms.


Choose a cloud provider and region — we’ll take care of uptime, consistency, and the rest.


Pinecone is SOC 2 Type II certified, GDPR-ready, and built to keep data secure.

Start free, scale effortlessly.

Pinecone runs on fully managed infrastructure that scales with you, while you pay only for what you use.


Get all the Enterprise features and support, deployed in a single-tenant VPC environment in the region of your choice. Contact us for details and pricing.

Pinecone has the following attributes:

  • Fast: Get ultra-low query latency at any scale, even with billions of items.
  • Fresh: Get live index updates when you add, edit, or delete data.
  • Filtered: Combine vector search with metadata filters for more relevant, faster results.
  • Fully managed: Get started, use, and scale with ease, while we keep things running smoothly and securely.

Pinecone makes it easy to build high-performance vector search applications. It’s a managed, cloud-native vector database with a simple API and no infrastructure hassles.

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