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Give voice to your articles and blogs.

Create life-like voice dictation for your blogs and articles in one click. Embed the voice into your content. Increase users’ engagement.

One Click Voice

Our AI will automatically detect content and create a voice for you. All in one click.

Better Experience

Let users listen to your articles while they shop, commute, or do something else. Save their time.


Choose from 10+ languages and voice versions. More languages and accents coming soon.

Extremely Lightweight

Measuring at only ~2.2KB, our lightweight embed would never slow your site down.

Proven Benefits

This is how Voicera benefits content creators and brands.

More Users

More people are listening to audio content per day than ever. This enables your content to access 200M+ more users across the world.

Brand Value

Audio content can help your intended message resonate and lead to a better understanding and retention of your brand image.


With at least 2.2 billion people having some form of vision impairment, audio can be immensely helpful to people who find reading difficult.

Bringing audio revolution to the masses.

Voicera is on a mission to remove language and literacy barriers to knowledge through life-like AI voice dictation of text with real-time language translation.


Here are some of the best practices we recommend while using Voicera.


One Simple Plan.

Pay-as-you-go. No Monthly Subscriptions!

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