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Wonder Studio

An AI tool that automatically animates, lights, and composes CG characters into a live-action scene

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No More MoCap, no complicated 3D software and no expensive production hardware—all the artist needs is a camera.

No need to work shot-by-shot

Upload your CG character model to one shot or an entire scene and the system will automatically detect cuts and track the actor throughout the sequence.

No need for heavy frame-by-frame VFX work

The system automatically detects the actor’s performance based on single-camera footage. Then, it takes that performance and transfers it to the CG character of your choice — automatically animated, lit, and composed.

Adaptive To Existing Pipeline

Wonder Studio AI automates 80%-90% of “objective” VFX work and leaves the artist with the remaining “subjective” work, which can be exported into the software they already use.

Export individual elements

Multiple characters

Create Sci-Fi worlds by assigning multiple characters.

Give it your own style

Seamlessly compose your unique stylized character in any live-action shot

Get Wonder Studio Now!

Contact us if you are a 3D artist, and you would like to get your characters featured on our platform.

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