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Simplify your content workflow from creation to conversion

Establish domain expertise and drive organic footfalls on your website with high-quality content metrics unearthed straight from the Google database.

Assert Topical Authority

Start your content workflow with targeted topics put together in a content pillar that satisfies Google’s E-A-T.

Uncover New Content Ideas

Demonstrate your expertise with diverse topics that connect with your audience and fill any information gaps.

Build Contextual Support

Identify as a knowledge hub with contextually connected articles that stimulate search engine bots to scan the complete website.

Target Competitive Headlines

Shoot up the SERP ranks with topic secrets from your competitors.

Utilize User Search Intents

User insights extracted from ‘Google Suggest’ to identify questions or ideas of interest.

Zero In On Keywords Curated For You

In the next step, choose from billions of keywords mined directly from Google Keyword & Google Suggest Database to satisfy customer intent and enhance your credibility.

Cutting Edge Metrics

Depend on Zen metrics to find keywords that your users are searching for and organize them according to SEO campaign stages.

The Golden Filter

Proprietory technology to leverage Allintitle data to identify keywords with high conversion rates but low competition.

Keyword Cluster

Automate the tedious process of grouping keywords based on ranking attributes with just a click.

Revenue Forecast

Identify keywords that will convert organic traffic into sales and forecast estimated revenue volume for a targeted keyword list.

See Your Content Come To Life

You are one step closer to your final version. Piece your content together with a user-friendly, SEO optimized and collaborative text editor.

Utilize Competitor Knowledge

Traverse through top 20 competitor articles to understand what is expected in the industry and build coherent outlines.

Competitor Keywords Insights

Know the keywords used by ranking websites, their placement, frequency, and screen through their relevancy with your seed keywords.

Google NLP Entities

Choose from suggested NLP terms that enhance your content’s relevancy in the eyes of Google bots and boost your ranking chances.

Compose Content With Ease

Articulate a commanding piece by Utilizing the outline and your own penmanship to create content that tops.

Elevate Your Writing With A.I.

Step towards the future of SEO writing with GPT-3 powered A.I. that evolves its grasp on language and writes at your command.

Weed Out Duplicate Sentences

Finalize your article by recognizing and removing ill-phrased lines that resemble other content from online repositories.

Ensure Originality

Compare content for similarity directly from Google web database containing billions of websites that are updated every minute.

Avoid Being Penalised

Originality is the pinnacle of SEO. Confirm that your content is plagiarism-free to avoid being penalized by Google.

Quick Collaboration

Eliminate errors with plagiarism reports and share them with your team to enhance productivity.

Establish your domain expertise.

Design a web of connected topics to assert your expertise with content ideas that satisfy Google bots and engage with customer intents.

Develop dependable content architecture that boosts your search engine visibility to win at SERP.

The better way to do keyword research

Proprietary algorithm that ties together complete research process to generate keyword lists and classify search intents at scale.

Ensure the integrity of your content by using keywords taken only from the Google keyword and suggest database.

Search Volume

The average number of monthly searches of a particular keyword over 12 months.


The level of interest in a search query over 12 months. Enables you to see how often a keyword has been Googled over the last year.

Cost Per Click

The average price for a user’s click on an ad. The currency depends on the region you’re exploring.

Keyword Difficulty

Difficulty level (percentage) to outperform your competitors in Google’s top 20 organic search results.

Keyword Golden Score

Aim to rank within the top SERP results with the Golden Keyword Score that targets the right versions of long-tail keywords with a proven algorithm.

Keyword Trending

Showing keywords with upward trend in search volume in 2 consecutive months. Help you quickly categorize seasonal keywords.

Breathe life into your content

Link together topics, keywords, other insights from your competitor to generate a winning outline structure and compose it with an SEO optimized editor.

Insider Intel Straight From Competitors

Screen through the top 20 URLs ranking for a given seed word with proprietary NLP to discover their best-kept secrets.

Swiftly Build Content Blueprint From Scratch

Brainstorm in a click and put together the best content outline for any given topic.

Pave The Way For Google Bots

Help Google bots understand your content by including entities that are essential for human readers and considered vital by search engines.

An Editor That Has Your Back

Enjoy the luxurious feel of the world-class editor that is designed to drive up your productivity.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Quickly act on team insights with seamless workflow and invite others for collaboration without sharing your Writerzen account.


Boost your content writing speed to go faster than ever before

Simple and transparent pricing, flexible plans and personalization options for team of all sizes, for every stage of your business. Or get a taste with our Free Trial.

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