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AI-Writer is an AI writing platform. It makes draft articles for you. It says it’s the only one that cites sources for everything it writes. This is useful because AI tools can’t always be trusted to be accurate.

You can use AI-Writer to generate blog post drafts. You can also use it as a research helper, personal assistant, or to reword text. Like any AI writing tool, it has various uses. But it stands out for citing sources to help with accuracy.

AI-Writer helps you make whole articles with just a keyword. The writing platform is very easy to use. It can even post articles on WordPress for you.

It’s a great tool to help you write more and faster. But it won’t replace human writers. The content feels very AI-generated. Nothing is very engaging or interesting. You’ll need to edit it a lot before publishing.

So it won’t do all the writing for you. But it can cut down manual work and research when writing. For that, this AI writing tool works well.


AI-Writer Features:

  • Research & Write
  • Text Rewording
  • Verifiable Citations
  • SEO-Focused Text Editor
  • (Sub)Topic Discoverer
  • Source Summarizer
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