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Step into the future of content creation with AI-Writer – AI Text Generator. Using the latest AI technology, we produce entire blog posts in minutes, ensuring each piece is original and unique. AI-Writer is an AI content creator. It can turn a few sentences into full articles or blog posts. It uses the latest AI to generate text based on what you type in.

AI-Writer makes sure you never have to write alone. When you run out of ideas or feel lazy, you can use it to help. It can finish sentences, rephrase sentences, or write entire blog posts for you.

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AI-Writer – AI Text Generator Features

Research & Write: AI-Writer is your personal helper ready to help. It writes articles with sources from just a headline. So you don’t need to trust what the AI writes. Never draft articles from scratch again!

  • Write About Anything
  • Lower Content Costs
  • Generate Full Articles
  • Increase Profits

SEO Text Editor: Get writing help if you want to write yourself. Our editor helps you find SEO words – words Google likes.

  • Free with Subscription
  • 73.47% Better Google Rankings
  • Post to WordPress
  • Writing Optimized for Search Engines

Verifiable Sources: Get content with correct information. AI-Writer shows the sources so you can check them. Trusting is good, but verifying is better!

  • See Exact Sources
  • Accurate Content
  • Build Better Relationships
  • Get More Referrals

Reword Text: Get new text from existing content! If you have something written already, AI-Writer can rewrite it. Just submit it, wait 2 minutes, and the text will be reworded.

  • Re-use Existing Content
  • Rewrite Text On Any Topic
  • No Penalties for Duplicate Content
  • Focus on High-Value Work

(Sub)Topic Finder: Easily find what to write about next. AI-Writer checks what others are writing and what Google wants. Then it suggests a great next topic.

  • Free with Subscription
  • Generate Articles Directly
  • Always More Topic Ideas
  • Main Topics and Subtopics
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How To Start with AI-Writer

There is a free trial for AI-Writer. You can start it by signing up without needing a credit card. This lets you try it out before paying. On the AI-Writer homepage, click “Start Free Trial” to begin the free trial. This lets you test AI-Writer to see if you like it.

AI-Writer – AI Text Generator Pricing

As we know, AI-Writer has a free 1-week trial. After that, you need to pay. Other AI writing tools like Copy AI let you use a free version with limits. I prefer that over a short free trial.

AI-Writer has 3 paid plans:

  • Basic: $29/month. 1 user, 40 articles per month
  • Standard: $49/month. 3 users, 120 articles per month
  • Power: $375/month. 10 users, 1,000 articles per month

All plans include extra features like API, WordPress posting, SEO editor, text rewording, and more. The pricing seems high compared to free AI text tools that also work well.

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Pros and Cons of AI-Writer


  • SEO-friendly content
  • Time-saving (50% less writing time)
  • Easy to use
  • Quick article writing


  • Plagiarism flagged by Copyscape
  • Lack of fluidity and cohesion in articles
  • Lower standard of output compared to other content generators
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AI-Writer makes full blog posts fast. It also helps to find topics and rewrite text. But it writes everything at once instead of step-by-step. So you wait 5-10 minutes for lower quality. I think AI Writer is decent to try, especially the free trial. But be careful – the writing can have mistakes and wrong info.

So AI Writer helps writing, but you still have to edit it!

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