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Alethea AI combines Generative AI and Blockchain to allow decentralized ownership and democratic control of AI systems.

Their website shows their innovative AI system called CharacterGPT V2. It can generate interactive AI characters from plain English descriptions. With improvements in understanding, generating abilities, diversity, and realism, CharacterGPT V2 is changing content creation.

Users can quickly make AI characters with higher-quality looks, voices, personalities, and identities. These characters can be put on the blockchain, customized, and trained to do various roles and tasks.

CharacterGPT V2 is versatile and can create AI characters for digital twins, guides, companions, assistants, licensed collectibles, AI NPCs, parodies, and satire.

To access CharacterGPT V2, users can visit the decentralized app (dApp).

Alethea AI contributes to the AI Protocol. This serves as the property rights foundation for the generative AI economy. It allows ownership, compatibility, and governance of AI Characters and Assets.

By putting AI Characters on the AI Protocol, creators benefit from provable ownership, data sovereignty, character assets, customization, and decentralized compatibility.

Key Features of Alethea AI:

  • Better Understanding
  • More Realistic Characters
  • Customization
  • Tokenization on Blockchain
  • Versatility

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