Alethea AI – CharacterGPT V2, iNFTs, and AI Protocol

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Alethea AI is building a decentralized protocol that lets the community create AI assets, characters, and apps. Integrating AI models into decentralized networks is challenging due to hardware limits. This often means AI-crypto projects have some centralized parts.

Alethea AI solves this gap. Instead of burdening decentralized networks with AI computing, they keep AI processing off-chain. They use Ethereum smart contracts for the protocol layer. This is crucial for supporting iNFTs (more on that later!).

Key Products of Alethea AI

  • CharacterGPT V2 – Creates interactive AI characters just from text descriptions. Improved understanding and realism.
  • Intelligent NFTs (iNFTs) – Evolving NFTs that learn and adapt based on interactions.
  • AI Protocol – Allows building AI apps and assets with ownership benefits, no-code tools, cross-blockchain compatibility, etc.

Alethea AI - CharacterGPT V2, iNFTs, and AI Protocol

Intelligent NFTs

Alethea AI pioneered intelligent non-fungible tokens or iNFTs. For beginners, NFTs are unique digital assets verified by blockchain tech. They often represent digital art and collectibles. Wouldn’t it be cool if NFTs were not just static but intelligent entities that can learn, evolve, and interact?

Add in AI’s ability to analyze data, simulate human thinking, and generate creative content. You get iNFTs – NFTs that can adapt, respond, and create new content based on user interactions, preferences, and contextual data.

Combining NFTs with AI lets creators make dynamic, always-changing digital assets. For collectors, they now get not boring plain NFTs, but living things they can engage with.

The fusion of NFTs and AI allows for the creation of digital assets that can learn, evolve, and interact. This marks an evolution of NFT capabilities.

iNFT Protocol

The iNFT Protocol is an Ethereum smart contract that lets anyone create iNFTs without permission. Any NFT can become an iNFT using the protocol. This happens by fusing the NFT with a Personality Pod ERC-721 asset. Once fused, the NFT gets its own unique intelligence and personality from the Personality Pod’s on-chain traits. These traits shape the iNFT’s overall personality and intelligence.

The iNFT Protocol uses a non-custodial design. This means users can turn their NFTs into iNFTs without the protocol taking custody (locking, staking, wrapping, swapping) or making other changes to the underlying NFT. So, users can use their NFTs outside the protocol, reducing the risks of losing valuable NFTs from errors or attacks.

Alethea AI - CharacterGPT V2, iNFTs, and AI Protocol


Imagine talking to a computer and it makes characters that look, sound, and act real. Alethea AI’s CharacterGPT brings characters to life using just words. This tech just got a big upgrade.

The new version, CharacterGPT V2, makes incredibly lifelike characters. They have detailed looks, unique voices, and distinct personalities. But that’s not all – CharacterGPT V2 is now smarter and understands you better than before.

You can access CharacterGPT V2 on a website called There, you can create, customize, and bring to life many characters – all you need is simple text input.

AI Protocol and DApps

The AI Protocol gives permissionless access to generative AI systems. It lets creators and developers use new money-making models, user acquisition, compatibility, verification, crowdsourcing, governance, and provenance.

The Protocol unlocks ownership benefits for building AI apps. On top of its Intelligence Layer’s powerful AI systems, the Protocol has tools for making AI DApps: no-code contract deployment, no gas transactions, cross-blockchain compatibility, non-custodial wallet creation, in-app token conversion, and more.

Alethea AI - CharacterGPT V2, iNFTs, and AI Protocol

Alethea AI: Conclusion

Powerful AI models like ChatGPT plus technologies such as Stable Diffusion, DALL-E 2, and MidJourney have opened doors to creative possibilities once considered impossible.

Alethea AI leads innovation by combining AI-generated content and blockchain. At its core are intelligent NFTs (iNFTs). These fuse AI and blockchain to form dynamic, self-evolving digital assets.

The iNFT Protocol, run by the ALI token, is the backbone. Through the Protocol, users can change static NFTs into living, learning things. Alethea’s CharacterGPT V2 lets users create lifelike AI characters with unique personalities and voices.

Alethea’s journey is just starting. The future of digital creation seems very exciting.

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