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Never Miss A Moment

Capture the best gaming moments with AI & grow your channel with automated gaming highlights


How it works

there we can see how we use it


Capturelabs autofetches your streams whether you stream 5 or 36 hours.

Get your highlights

Our state of the art AI will auto process your streams and find the best gaming moments in real time!

Grow your channel

Edit, connect and share your reels on all social media channels

How do i start using Capturelab? Is it free?

Capturelab is 100% free. Sign up with Twitch and well start analyzing your streams for highlights!

How fast can you process my stream?

Insanely fast! A 10-hour stream will be analyzed in around 1 hour, but it might fluctuate depending on the type of game you play.

Does capturelab work on all games?

We currently only support Apex Legends, but are working on supporting more games. Check our Discord server for more info.

Can i get my clips in 1080p?

Absolutely, this is the norm! Your clips will be made in the same resolution as your original stream.

Head over to and sign up”. There, you are able to join sponsorship campaigns.

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