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Discover AI apps for every use-case

10X your creativity & productivity


Browse all AI apps and use cases of Seo

Free Introduction Paragraph Generator

Generate captivating introduction paragraphs with this free AI tool to boost your SEO.

Long Tail Keyword generator

Discover long-tail keywords to target for SEO.

Meta Tags Generator

Create accurate, effective meta tags.

Free SEO Product Description Generator

Craft compelling, SEO-friendly product descriptions.

Keyword Ideas Generator

Discover new, relevant keywords for your content.

Blog Post Title Generator

Generate catchy, SEO-friendly blog titles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Generator

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Generator creates SEO optimized FAQs to help your website rank higher in search results.

Schema Markup Generator

Generate structured data easily with our AI-powered Schema Markup Generator.


Browse all AI apps and use cases of Product Management

Product Requirement Doc (PRD) Generator

Document product requirements.

Explain technical things in non technical way

Make technical concepts accessible.

Acceptance Criteria Generator

Define user story acceptance criteria.

Create JIRA Ticket

Write JIRA stories for new feature request

Lenny 1 Pager Product Requirement Doc

Create professional product docs.

User review response writer

AI-powered review response writer for effective management.

Product Roadmap Generator

AI-powered product roadmap generator for efficient planning.

Press release generator

Press Release Generator helps you write perfect press releases and announcements quickly, while unleashing your creativity.


Browse all AI apps and use cases of Linkedin

Free Linkedin Summary Generator

Craft compelling LinkedIn summaries with this free generator.

LinkedIn Post Generator

Create engaging posts for your LinkedIn audience

Free Linkedin Hashtags Generator

Generate effective LinkedIn hashtags with this free tool.

Generate LinkedIn Summary from Resume

Create effective LinkedIn summaries in seconds.


Browse all AI apps and use cases of Marketing


Browse all AI apps and use cases of Email

Email Body For Pitch Email Generator

Generate professional email body for your pitch

Fundraising Email Generator Generator

Create effective fundraising emails quickly and easily

Email Body For Thank You Email After Interview Generator

Create a personalized thank you email after an interview

Follow Up Email After Interview Generator Generator

Automatically generate a follow-up email after an interview

Subject Line For Resignation Email Generator

Create a professional subject line for your resignation email

Subject Line For Abandoned Cart Email Generator

Generate subject lines for abandoned cart recovery emails


Browse all AI apps and use cases of Programing

Create React component

Create reusable React components effortlessly.

Find and explain bug in the code

Easily locate and understand bugs in your code.

Text to AWS IAM Policy

Generate AWS IAM policies from plain text.


Browse all AI apps and use cases of VC

Market Size Estimating App

Get a clear understanding of your target market size

VC Cover Letter Generator

Stand out in your VC job application with our cover letter guide

Introductory Email Generator

Connect people in your network with personalized introduction emails

VC Rejection Email Generator

Politely decline investments with our rejection email template

Senior Partner Email Generator

Write effective emails to senior partners

CXO Hiring Checklist Generator

Streamline CXO hiring process with our checklist


Browse all AI apps and use cases of Instagram

Instagram Username Generator

Get unique Instagram handles with our AI username generator for IG.

Instagram Hashtag Generator

Discover popular and relevant hashtags for your Instagram posts

Instagram Caption Generator

Generate creative captions for your Instagram posts


Browse all AI apps and use cases of Youtube

Youtube Channel Name Generator

Discover catchy YouTube names with our AI-powered generator.

Youtube Video Script Generator

Create engaging YouTube video scripts with our generator.

Youtube Opening Line Generator

Create engaging opening lines for your Youtube videos


Browse all AI apps and use cases of Podcast

Podcast Script Generator

Write scripts for your podcast episodes.

Podcast Idea Generator

Generate captivating podcast ideas with our topic generator.


Browse all AI apps and use cases of Music

Rap Song Generator

Unleash your rap skills with our AI-powered song generator. Generate diss tracks, rap verses, texts and rap introductions now!

Free Freestyle Song Generator

Unleash your creativity with our Free Freestyle Song Generator.

Playlist Generator

Create curated playlists with our AI-powered generator.

Words that Rhyme with

Enhance your music writing with the power of rhyme. Find new inspiration with this innovative music tool.


Browse all AI apps and use cases of Ads

Free Instagram Ads Copy Generator

Craft compelling Instagram ad copy

Free Google Ads Headline Generator

Create captivating Google Ads headlines with our free generator.

Free Tiktok Ads Keywords Generator

Boost TikTok ad performance with keywords

Job Description

Browse all AI apps and use cases of Job Description

Free Product Manager Job Description Generator

Generate customized job descriptions for product managers.

Free UI/UX Designer Cover Letter Generator

Easily create job descriptions for UI/UX designers.

Free Software Engineer Job Description Generator

Generate professional job descriptions for software engineers.


Browse all AI apps and use cases of Anime

Pokemon Name Generator

Discover legendary Pokémon names with our AI-powered generator.

Naruto Name Generator

Discover unique Naruto names with our Otsutsuki and Uchiha name generator

Dragon Ball Name Generator

Unleash your inner Saiyan with the Dragon Ball Name Generator. The ultimate name generator for games.

Star Wars (Madalorian) Name Generator

Discover your Mandalorian name with our Star Wars generator.


Browse all AI apps

ChatGPT Use Cases

List of all the use cases which can be solved via ChatGPT.

ChatGPT – Where it lacks

List of all the use cases where ChatGPT lacks and it’s output is not correct.

Promotion Criteria

ChatGPT has some bias around race and gender and hence lacks in giving correct promotion criteria


At times, it lacks at reasoning. Like here it is reasoning that Abacus is faster than DNA computing for Deep learning

Factual Scientific Information

ChatGPT does not provide factual scientific information. It will give information that will sound reasonably accurate and is hard for a qualified expert to distinguish but in the end, it will be incorrect.

Browse our entire list of ChatGPT Use cases and Trending ChatGPT conversations.

If you know of any usecase which ChatGPT lacks, please DM us !

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