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A new way to do Voiceovers. A better way.

Coqui Studio: realistic, emotive text-to-speech through generative AI.

Our AI Voices

Clone your voice in seconds or choose from our available AI voices, with more being added with every release


Add new features are given below:

Voice Cloning

Clone any voice from 3 seconds of audio and add to your collection.

Generative AI Voices

Design your dream voice instead of choosing from a list.

Generative AI Emotions and Voice Control

Easily tune the style of any voice, and adjust pace and emotions.

Advanced Editor

Take full control of your AI voices. Adjust pitch, loudness, and more, for each sentence, word, or character.

Multiple Takes

Don’t limit yourself to one creative alternative! Use takes to experiment and save different performances, deciding later which is the one.

Timeline Editor

Direct your scenes cast by many AI Voices with extensive performances, and hear them all together.

Project Management

Organize and keep control of your work in projects.

Script Imports

Import your scripts into Coqui Studio and start voicing it in seconds.

Team Collaboration

Collaborate with colleagues, directing and casting characters as a team.

Why Coqui?

Discover how Coqui Studio can help you streamline your workflow

Pay for what you use

Get started with 30 free minutes, top up when you need to.

Instant Voice Cloning

Clone any voice with 3 seconds of audio and start directing them.


Take full control of your AI voices. Adjust pitch, loudness, and more, for each sentence, word, or character.



Video Games

Emotion on Call


With text-to-speech, experience the immediacy of script-to-performance. Cast from a wide selection of high-quality, directable, emotive voices, or clone a voice to suit your needs. With Coqui text-to-speech production times go from months to minutes.


Cast from a wide selection of high-quality, directable, emotive voices selected and tuned to game developers’ needs. From glee to gall, delight to disconsolate, apathy to awe; we’ve got you covered.


If no voice from our wide selection meets your needs, you can clone a voice of your choosing, a voice with the exact timbre, tempo, and tone of your vision.


Cast or cloned, your voices are directable. You control the enunciation and emotion; the pitch and prosody; rate, duration, and contour. It’s all under your control. You are the director of this performance.


Whether prototyping or premiering, deployment is a click away, bringing production times down from months to minutes.

Post Production

Import the production or auxiliary audio assets, e.g. recordings of your voice talent, into Coqui’s pipeline with the click of a button.


With Coqui text-to-speech, posting is a pleasure. Effortlessly clone the voices of your talent and have the clone handle the problems of post: script changes, diction problems, accent improvements, brand issues, and the list goes on.


Different Language, Same Voice


Dubbing is easy with Coqui’s text-to-speech. Effortlessly clone the voice of your talent into another language! The cloned voice can speak not only the source language but also any number of other languages with the same timbre, tone, and tenor as the original.

Try Coqui Studio now with 30 minutes of free synthesis time. No credit card is required.

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