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Code your web app in seconds.

The AI-powered low-code tool that helps you build web apps blazingly fast.

Debuild can…Generate your React components. Generate your SQL code. Help assemble an interface visually. Then go live in one click.

Debuild is creating an autonomous system that can write software at the level of the world’s most skilled engineers.

Introducing Debuild

I’d like you to think of a large lake, let’s say Lake Michigan. Now, imagine there’s a single lily pad on Lake Michigan. This lily pad replicates by doubling each day. On the first day, there’s just one lily pad. On the second day, there are two lily pads, and so on. After 50 days of doubling, the lily pads will cover the entire surface of Lake Michigan.

Language models are growing exponentially

Given the rate of improvement for large language models like OpenAI’s GPT-3, there’s a 3.4-month doubling time for model size and performance, or a 100x increase every 2 years. Comparing a growth rate of 100x every 2 years to Moore’s law, language models are now growing 7x faster than CPUs were getting faster for most of computing history!

Generating software is impossible. Until it’s not.

At the start of 2020, it was foolish to believe an AI system would be capable of generating functional code. Many experts thought it would be at least a decade or more away. Those predictions turned out to be wrong, as it took all but 6 months for OpenAI to release GPT-3. Shortly after,

Tools for progress

Throughout computing’s history, we occasionally discover tools that transform the way billions of people think, create, and work.

Our investors

At Debuild, we’re fortunate to have a wonderful team of investors helping on our journey of making computers programmable by everyone.



At Debuild, our mission is to build an autonomous system that can create software at the level of the world’s most skilled engineers.

By giving every person the ability to instantly create any software tool they need, we can radically alter the trajectory of human progress.

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