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Bring games to life with AI NPCs

Get a fully integrated character engine for AI NPCs that goes beyond large language models (LLMs) – and adds configurable safety, knowledge, memory, narrative controls, multimodality, and more.

Craft characters with distinct personalities and contextual awareness that stay in the world. Seamlessly integrate into real-time applications, with optimization for scale and performance built-in.

Performance Real-time AI

Optimized for real-time experiences, Inworld offers low-latency interactions that scale. We orchestrate across multiple LLMs to deliver higher-quality interactions with faster inference and lower costs.

Advanced Behavior Character Brain

Add depth and realism to NPCs. Inworld’s multimodal AI mimics the full range of human expression including conversation, voice, animations, and emotions.

Awareness Contextual Mesh

Render NPCs within the logic, lore, and fantasy of their worlds. Add custom knowledge, content, safety guardrails, narrative controls, and more to keep your AI in character and in-world

Real-Time Generative AI

Optimized for performance and scale

Every millisecond counts in real-time experiences. Built by the team behind Dialogflow (Google’s conversational AI platform used by millions of developers), Inworld is production-ready and designed to scale instantly without any additional configuration.

Character Brain

Power expression with multimodal AI

Put personality at the center of your AI to enable increased immersion and connection. Distinct character personalities can be configured in minutes using natural language and simple controls.

AI NPCs express personalities through multimodal AI designed to mimic the full range of human communication, both verbal and non-verbal – including voice, gestures, expressions, and actions.

Goals and Actions

Use defined triggers, intent recognition and motivations to trigger character reactions to player behaviour and drive interactions in gameplay. Our Goals and Actions feature allows you to drive NPC behaviour that responds to player inputs in a dynamic and custom way.

Long-term Memory

Characters operate with human-like memory functionality by retrieving information from both flash and long-term memory, creating engaging experiences that players return to.


Create distinct personalities by using natural language. Add rich details about the character’s backstory, motivations, and flaws to bring character’s life.

Inworld powers multimodal character expression by orchestrating 30+ machine learning models that are designed to mimic the full-range of human communication, including non-verbal cues such as voice inflection and intonation, facial expressions, and body language


Inworld characters have the ability to express emotion in response to interactions with users. Emotions can be mapped to animations, goals, and triggers.

Real-Time Voices

Use built-in voice settings for minimal latency and configure the gender, age, pitch and talking speed of your character. Alternatively, use the third-party services from Eleven Labs to create custom and cloned voices.

Contextual Mesh

Stay in character and in world

Set parameters for content and safety mechanisms, custom knowledge, and narrative controls to give each interaction a personalized context that makes sense for your player and game.

Configurable Safety

Configure the way your AI NPCs speak, whether your game is rated E or M. While Inworld allows flexibility around topics like profanity, violence, adult topics, alcohol, substance use, politics and religion, we never permit things like hate speech or encouraging self-harm.

This feature can currently only be implemented as part of our Enterprise Plan.


Input “Personal Knowledge” to control the information their characters should or shouldn’t know. Use “Common Knowledge” to define knowledge that multiple characters have, like shared lore, world contexts, and backgrounds.

Player Profiles

Gather information about players and allow your NPCs to take this into account when forming interactions. You can include fields such as name, role, or gender. You can also add custom fields tailored to your game, such as levels or factions.


Give your players the ability to build relationships with NPCs by configuring the Relationship Fluidity setting of each character. By adjusting the relationship settings, you can create some characters who are eager to become your best friend and others who want to stubbornly remain your enemy.

4th Wall

An AI character that breaks character can hurt immersion if the dialogue is not plausable or draws on knowledge that the character shouldn’t have. The 4th Wall feature ensures that characters only draw from knowledge that exists in their world, creating a more immersive story-telling and gameplay.

Build 4th Wall solutions for factors like locations, other people or creatures, social constructs, objects, professions, brands, scientific knowledge, and time periods.

This custom feature can currently only be implemented as part of our Enterprise Plan.

APIs & Integrations

Ship faster with powerful and easy-to-use integrations
Build once and deploy everywhere with integrations for common game engines and applications. We obsess over the details so you can focus on delivering the best user experience and storytelling.

Case Studies & Demos

Powered by Inworld

Cygnus Enterprises

Screenrant reviews this title citing “Narrative sci-fi adventure elements of the game are interwoven with management in a way that feels natural as well as deeply fun.” AI NPCs coming soon.

Niantic Wol

Wol transforms your living room into an interactive forest. Wol, the Inworld-powered owl, is more than just a guide and teacher; they are a storyteller, facilitator, and an endless source of knowledge.

Disney Droid Maker

Droids are an integral part of the Star Wars galaxy, but beyond performing everyday tasks, each droid has its own distinct personality and quirks. At the 2022 Disney Accelerator Demo Day, we demonstrated a ‘Droid Maker’ prototype created in collaboration with ILM Immersive.


This first-of-its-kind demo features a cast of AI NPCs designed by the award-winning creator behind The Matrix special effects. After an explosion in Metropolis, you’ve arrived on the scene as the lead detective. Question witnesses, uncover the mystery, and solve the case.


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White papers & research

Our pricing is changing

We will be transitioning to a new pricing model with per-interaction pricing and a generous free tier. Our current pricing and below. New pricing is coming end of August 2023. See our announcement for more information.

The Most Advanced Character Engine For AI NPCs.

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