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You’re Already Making Great Content. Let’s Put It To Work.

Munch extracts the most engaging, trending and impactful clips from your long-form videos, using state of the art generative AI and marketing analytics

All-In-One Platform

Automatic editing, auto-caption generating, post content and publishing – all in one convenient, intuitive tool.

AI-Driven Editing

Munch is centered around extensive machine learning capabilities, designed to keep what’s important at the center of each video

Ride the Trends

Seamlessly connect your social media accounts and publish effortlessly directly from Munch – or download the end result and use it anywhere you want

Distill The Context from your Long-form Content

Munch extracts the most engaging, contextual nuggets from your long-form content and presents you with coherent, shareable clips.

Set Your Content for Success with Top Marketing Data

Under the hood, Munch powers the most advanced AI capabilities – GPT3, OCR, and NLP – to analyze your clip’s content with social and marketing trends from the leading platforms.

Keep Things Focused on Any Platform

Our Video AI will ensure our content is clipped and adjusted to have both the action at the center of the frame and ideal for performance on any platform – YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram.

Get Instant Social Posts Based on Your Video Content

Your video is analyzed for topics, theme, and context, and our AI will generate specific social posts for TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube Shorts.



Munch helps brands deliver quality and relevant content in the ever-changing realm of content marketing. You can instantly transform your ready-made long-form content into engaging, trend-tracking, hype-mirroring clips for social media. This allows you to stand out in your competitive landscape and, gain actionable insights and engage with your target audience regularly, all while remaining authentic to the brand.

Social Media Managers

Our proprietary AI algorithm can find your long-form content’s most engaging, coherent, and cohesive moments. By doing so, you can keep your brand’s voice and spread your client’s message across numerous social media platforms in a flash, keeping you updated on current trends, user engagement, and content performance – automatically.

Media Agencies

Munch quickly identifies, extracts, and repurposes content from videos, saving you time and money. Our AI solution can automatically generate captions, subtitles, and keywords, making content more accessible and searchable. This allows you to focus on helping your clients implement and manage their marketing strategies to meet their business goals

Digital Marketers

Our full-AI platform automates content repurposing and editing. Munch takes your hard-earned content, extracts gold nuggets, and tells you on how, where, and when to post it. Letting you focus on creating, connecting, and nurturing excellent leads.

Content Creators

By giving you actual, tangible, and, most importantly – automatically actionable data on your content’s performance, Munch allows you, a content creator, to keep creating compelling, quality content fast and efficiently. Just upload your ready-made content to Munch, and watch the AI magic happen.


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Join The Content Revolution!

Put your existing content to work with Munch.

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