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Predicting Human Behavior


Predict the performance of every campaign, image & video

No more guesswork. Get AI predictions on your creatives from social media ads through web design to product packaging and know which creatives deliver the best results before launching.

Reveal what your audience truly feels about your ads

Run video and image tests in their natural context on the exact customer segments you need. Know what motivates your ideal audience and get results globally.

Run bespoke behavioral studies anywhere in the world

Collect eye-tracking and EEG data from lab studies to real-life shopping experiences. Capture every response in your customer journey with world-class precision, just as they unfold.

The science behind Neurons

Scientific validity is at the heart of everything we do at Neurons. Our methods and metrics are built on the latest approaches and cutting-edge advances in cognitive neuroscience, machine learning, AI, and psychology.

Neurons Blog

Discover creative ideas, practical tips and expert knowledge — the Neurons blog helps your team
learn new skills, boost your brand and drive revenue.

Inspiring breakthroughs from our customers

You’re in good company. See how our neuroscience solutions has helped organizations across the globe achieve their business goals. Join companies, businesses and brands of all shapes and sizes currently driving revenue with the Neurons platform.

Print Still Has a Place in the Future of Advertising

Why are print ads still effective? Leading Danish newspaper, Politiken, partnered with Neurons to regain trust in print advertising with the help of consumer neuroscience.

Consumer neuroscience made simple

We fuse the power of neuroscience and machine learning into one platform to improve experiences, products, and brands. Our mission is to enable people to understand the underlying mechanisms that inherently connect us.

People around the world use Neurons to create designs, visuals, and experiences that meet their real purpose.

3 guiding principles of Neurons:


We are knowledge-driven and guided by honesty and curiosity.


We run a responsible business by being human-centric and conscious.


We believe in achieving growth through moving fast and daring to dream big.

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