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We are your ticket to the prompt engineering party 🥳

ChatGPT Is The Hammer. We Have The Nails.


How does ChatGPT work?

From  ordinary people for ordinary prompt. straight from the middle of the road. Get started with our prompt engineering journey now
just read this interactive intro – Simple As That, Buddy

Step 0: Where You Want To End Up.

What you see here is the final result where you will land after successfully reading this page – you could basically call yourself a JUNIOR PROMPT ENGINEER then. At that point, you brought your computer into a position where it answers every question and tackles every problem you could ever think of.

Step 1: Prepare Yourself.

Alright, prepare yourself. Create an account at OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, by clicking the button below. You’ll have to provide your e-mail address and your phone number.

Step 2: Get Started And Learn.

That’s it! Now it’s your turn! After creating the account, you are ready to talk to your computer. You can simply type your question / your prompt in the field at the very bottom of the ChatGPT interface, hit enter and get your output.

Your first prompt -> start with a simple prompt such as: “What’s the deepest point on earth?”

Your first output -> Cool, isn’t it? Did you know the answer? If you don’t like the answer, click “Regenerate Response” and use the thumb up/down to report feedback.

Step 3: Get Inspired And Escape The Paradox Of Choice.

Now you will feel the reason why Ordinary People Prompts exists: The Paradox of Choice. What should you ask this thing if you can ask everything? While coming to that point was easy, actually using the AI feels like having a sledgehammer in search of nails. You feel that you have power and that there is more potential but you don’t know how to leverage it.

Step 4: Play Around and Optimize Your Prompts.

It’s cool, isn’t it? When I was in your position a few months ago, I was more than surprised. However, you will see that this thing has borders. Check out the free course on better prompts for better conversations and results at learnprompting.org.

Step 5: Create Value For The Community By Contributing, Commenting, and Voting.

After some playing around and improving your prompting skills, you hopefully still remember where you were at the begin of your journey. Give back to the extraordinary community by filling the world’s most ordinary AI prompt directory. You don’t need an account to start creating and voting others’ entries.

Step 6: Be Ordinary.

Thanks for reading until here and for your extraordinary effort! Enjoy using ordinarypeopleprompts.com. Here’s an AI-generated ordinary people meme as a reward.

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