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Search for the next generation with an AI chat assistant

Andi is an AI search chatbot that’s accurate, ad-free, and privacy-focused. It uses a new type of search engine powered by generative AI combined with live data and semantic search technology. Instead of just links, Andi gives you answers – like chatting with a smart friend.

You can Ask Andi to…

  • Answer questions
  • Find, summarize and explain information
  • Navigate and search the web

Andi cuts through the clutter to get you straight to the knowledge you need. We try our best to give you simple, factually-correct answers that you can trust, with accurate attribution. Its explains and summarizes key information combined from the best sources. It shows search results next to each answer in a visual feed that’s easy to read and easy to understand.

Safe and Productive Online

Use Read to see articles in a clean ad-free viewer without popups or paywalls. Use Summarize to save time by getting to the point. Use Explain to understand complex pages simply.

We try to keep you safe and productive when you search, by fighting spam and bad content, and protecting you from ad tech, tracking and distraction.

  • Learn about Andi’s question answering
  • Find out how to use AI Summaries
  • Read our Help Guide for more things you can do with Andi

Andi is a new kind of search engine using generative AI

Andi is conversational search with an intelligent assistant that’s friendly and visual. We’re not trying to build AGI or some sort of all-knowing super-intelligence. Andi is just a helpful tool that finds answers and information online, and packages it up so it’s easy to understand, in the same way as a good research assistant.

Behind the scenes, it’s a new type of search engine that uses generative AI and large language models (LLMs) combined with live data, smart algorithms and semantic search technology. Andi works like humans do, combining language models with reasoning and common sense. This means it can think before it answers, and doesn’t make things up like other chatbots.

We use language models to understand what you’re looking for, and to predict the best places to find it. Then we query them directly in real-time, rather than using a static keyword index.

Mission-Driven Team

We’re a small team of two founders (Angela and Jed) and some friends. We’re on a mission to unbreak the Internet and save the world from spam, misinformation and ad tech.

Search is broken because of misinformation, SEO spam and ads, and surveillance capitalism. It hasn’t changed in 20 years. Things are getting worse. The rise of GPT-based chatbots that confidently generate accurate-sounding “BS” with made-up sources is driving misinformation through the roof.

We’re lucky to be backed by some early far-sighted investors and advisors, and by Y Combinator, the world’s most successful startup accelerator.

  • Find out more about the Andi Team and our supporters
  • Read about our Mission and Philosophy
  • Learn how we plan to make money to fund Andi

It is a new product in early testing. In tech industry terms, it’s not quite a beta version yet, but it’s a fairly stable alpha!

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