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AI supercharged productivity

Improve your writing, get answers to code questions & generate blog posts with the ChatGPT keyboard shortcut

Write emails like a native

Feel confident about your grammar, spelling and writing style. Rewrite your text just by pressing Cmd/Alt + J

Fix code bugs 10x faster 👩🏼‍💻

Press Cmd + J to quickly get code explanations and answers to hard issues not answered on StackOverflow

Start with a draft ✏️

Generate post drafts for your social media or blog if you are stuck. Right, just press Cmd to start

Human answers in Google 🔍

Get the answer you need instantly, without searching through pages of Google results. Don’t press anything. We’ve got you covered 👌


Use ChatGPT for free with login interruptions, pay for increased usage with no interruptions

Add ChatGPT to your browser

Use Cmd/Alt + J keyboard shortcut to improve your writing, coding, copywriting & search with AI copilot.

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