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Create magical content with the most powerful AI editor

End ChatGPT prompt struggles. Create, refine, edit, and publish seamlessly with Cohesive.


Choose from 200+ templates and bring your ideas to life with high-quality content.

Meet the future of generative AI


Best-quality AI content

Goodbye, boring copies. Make your content engaging, relevant, and optimized for conversion with Cohesive.

200+ Templates to start with

Bring your vision to life at lightning speed. Choose from handpicked curated templates and produce high-quality content 13x faster.

Collaborate with your team

Bid farewell to endless email and Slack threads. Collaborate in real-time, keep everyone on the same page, and never miss a deadline. Ever!


Your creativity and AI brilliance. Formidable.


Powerful & intuitive. The AI editor for everyone.

Effortlessly edit text, images, and language translations to ensure that every word is precisely crafted to perfection.

No matter what you do. We have a template for you.

From SEO blogs to the next TikTok, song lyrics to wedding vows, create with our 150+ templates at ludicrous speed.

Endless inspiration. Great ideas start here.

Get content ideas as you write in the editor, and get fresh ideas the next time you want to create something new.

From Personal to Professional. Cohesive does it all.

Check out what Cohesive can do for a variety of your needs.


Maximize Marketing ROI with high-converting AI content

  • Grow social media presence
  • Improve search engine rankings
  • Ad copies driving digital growth

Increase your Sales quota with AI-generated content

  • Conversion focused emails
  • Subject lines that boosts open-rate
  • Convert prospects into profits

Lightening fast Customer Support with AI-powered conversations

  • Immediate responses to customer queries
  • Create support docs quickly
  • Generate comprehensive FAQs

Transform Personal writing with AI-powered enhancements

  • Stand out with compelling cover letters
  • Impress with stellar LinkedIn bio
  • Accelerate your content creation process


Your hub for everything AI


Use Cohesive for free with your whole team. Upgrade to enable unlimited viewers, enhanced writing experience, and additional features.


Start using Cohesive today!

Experience the world’s most powerful AI editor, where human creativity meets AI brilliance.

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