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Do you have that one sprawling idea in your head but lack the time to do prompt research? IMI Prompt Builder does the hard work for you! With a few clicks, you can be doing something creative but never know how.

Why IMI?


Wide Selection

Choose from any of our thousands of art styles, colors, and objects. It’s the easiest way to create a piece of art without knowing the complex art terminology.


We understand that often times an artist might be stuck on the newest version of Midjourney v5 text-to-image art generator. That’s why we offer our prompts updated frequently to be compatible with the latest Midjourney fifth version.


The app is designed to be intuitive, making it easy to use without any unnecessary buttons or screens. Just write your creativity, choose an art style, and let the rest take care of itself.





Midjourney V5 is renowned for its exceptional generative AI capabilities, particularly in terms of its diverse range of styles and applications. From UI design and interior design to comic books, illustration books, digital art, and fashion design, Midjourney V5 offers an extensive scope of creative possibilities.

Below, we have compiled a list of prompts that are particularly noteworthy and useful for generating unique designs using Midjourney.

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