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Never write from scratch again.

Kickstart your next great Article, Speech, Blog, Essay, Proposal, Presentation etc with Moonbeam: your long-form writing AI assistant.

Writing brilliant long form content doesn’t have to feel like a chore

Moonbeam is the only AI writing assistant specifically trained to help you write essays, stories, articles, blogs, and other long form content.

Where other AI writing tools trail off into meaningless nonsense, Moonbeam shines.

Let Moonbeam illuminate your ideas…

Use the Wizard to instantly transform your jumbled notes into a useful outline, and your outline into perfectly written paragraphs.

Just Prompt Luna with a single phrase

Luna is the AI behind Moonbeam. Give her a few quick instructions, and watch her return with a well-written first draft.



Write like anyone with Moonbeam’s Custom Style Generator

Famous authors. Comedians. Politicians.

All with their own distinctive writing and speaking styles. All just a prompt away.



Get the latest articles and read on how to level up your writing skills with Moonbeam.


What would you pay to save yourself hours of banging your head on your desk every month?

Probably way morr than 15$ – and that’s why MoonbeamPro is a Steal.



Three reasons to try moonbeam

We want you to be over the moon about it. And while we do offer a generous Free Plan, we gotta admit that Moonbeam Pro is where the real magic happens.

100% money-back guarantee

Your Moonbeam subscription is 100% risk free.

If you sign up for a paid plan, give Moonbeam a try for a full 30 days, and decide it’s not for you, no problem. We’ll happily refund your full payment, no questions asked.

Honest & transparent team

The success of Moonbeam depends on your success as a user. Our “honest opinion” policy means we’ll only recommend that you sign up if we truly think it will be a great fit for you.

Reach out anytime at to ask questions or get suggestions.

Users who rave about us

Need help deciding if it is the right fit for you? Check out the Testimonials page to get in touch with real users, search online for reviews, or look on Reddit.

We’ve got nothing to hide — but you’ve got everything to gain from using it.

If you want to write, but you struggle with structure…
sidestep the slog with Moonbeam!

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