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Human AI Generative Music

For your video content, podcasts and apps


Music made by AI has no boundaries

Artificial Intelligence’s abilities and music producers’ creativity make possible a symbiotic relationship between humans and algorithms. Millions of samples from hundreds of artists feed into Mubert, and the AI takes it from there.

Each new piece of royalty-free music is instantly generated and flawlessly suited to its purpose. Collaboration is like no other, humans and technology unite to bring the perfect sound every time.



Create with Mubert Render

The music you’ve been searching for, is generated in seconds.

Effortlessly create a soundtrack of the perfect length, mood, and style. Mubert instantly generates tracks perfectly tailored to your content on any platform. Royalty-free background music for YouTube, Tik Tok, podcasts and video!

Select the parameters of your future soundtrack in seconds, and generate extraordinary music immediately.


Develop with Mubert API

Bring music to your product.

Integrate Mubert to enhance your app or game. Create soundtracks that suit your brand and bring an infinite amount of quality audio material to your platform. Get royalty-free music to use commercially however you like.

Tell us about your project, get a demonstration of how Mubert could work with your business.

Create and earn with Mubert Studio

Don’t waste a single beat.

Become a Mubert Studio musician to unlock the infinite potential of your music with AI. Get paid for riffs, loops, samples and full tracks that are sitting on your hard drive. Reach more people with your music and make every sound count.

Contribute to Mubert, make money, and help create something incredible.

Listen with Mubert Play

An evolving music experience for every occasion.

Mubert Play creates an infinite soundtrack for each of life’s moments. Select from dozens of different moods – from Calm Meditation to Sports Extreme, and let Mubert do the magic. No two moments are the same, each stream is an infinite channel of brand new music assembled just for you.

Whatever you’re up to, Mubert is there with the soundtrack to match.

Mubert Blog

Next-gen music is here


A Next-Gen Music Platform

Working or collaborating with Mubert means being part of the next-gen music landscape. As one of the most innovative and multi-faceted music tech platforms around, our goal is to inspire, transform and help the music industry move forward by connecting musicians, creators and brands.

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