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Make a Quiz For Your Shopify Store

No-code quiz builder app. Beautiful templates and design controls. Powerful customization tools and analytics. Collect zero-party data. Integrate with your email marketing.

Looking for inspiration? Here is a collection of 250+ live quizzes using Octane AI.

Why use Octane AI to make your quiz?

Take your marketing up a notch. Enjoy seamless integrations, smart AI, customizable options, and a support team that’s got your back.

Simple no-code interface

Creating engaging quizzes is a breeze, with no tech wizardry needed.

Integrated with everything

Play nice with Shopify, Klaviyo and more. Keep your digital operations smooth and consistent.

Powered by AI

Let AI do the heavy lifting. Guide your customers to the perfect products, effortlessly.

As advanced as you need

Go as intricate or as simple as you want with your quizzes. Your vision, your rules.

We’ll join your team

Got a question? We’re on it. Consider us as an extension of your team, here to make sure you succeed.

The e-commerce quiz crash course

Designed around customer insights from top to bottom. Create engaging experiences, collect customer insights, and personalize the shopping journey.

Step 1: Use quizzes to get to know your customers

Engage with customers when they visit your website, ask questions to get to know them, and collect customer insights.

Step 2: Use quiz data to personalize your product recommendations and email marketing

Generate personalized recommendations

Use customer insights to show the right products to the right customers.

Use customer data and AI to highlight products that fit each customer’s needs, showcase relevant content and reviews, and answer questions holding them back from purchasing.

Results: Grow your business by giving every customer a personalized experience

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It’s time to really get to know your customers

Choose the right plan for your store with unlimited engagements and no hidden fees.

With an advisory board of 50+ top Shopify marketers, Octane AI’s product benefits from unparalleled expertise and real-world insights.

Fuel growth with Octane AI!

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