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AI-Powered Dubbing

Discover the faster, more affordable way to go global with your existing video content using AI dubbing.


Localize videos beyond subtitling

Our award-winning artificial intelligence system finally makes dubbing a scalable translation option. Our synthetic voices sound genuinely human and enable faster turnaround at a fraction of the cost of traditional dubbing. And our team of translators checks every word.

How it works

Our AI automatically transcribes, translates, and creates human-sounding voice over

Sky News reached millions of new viewers in Latin America in record time.

Let us show you the magic!

Discover how our clients use Papercup to unlock more value from their existing content through AI dubbing.

Break into new markets with automated dubbing
Discover the faster, more cost effective and scalable way to localize existing video content for new audiences.



Give your existing content a global platform

Automate the translation of the content already at your disposal and scale your global viewers. Go beyond subtitling and give your audience an option to watch videos in their own native language. We see a 50% uplift in average view durations of dubbed content with Papercup versus the original English videos.

Industry-leading costs and turnarounds

Slash your turnaround times to a matter of days and translate your content for a fraction of the cost of traditional studio-based methods.

For Media Companies

Emotive voices available in multiple languages
Our award-winning machine learning produces human-like voices in new languages while retaining traits of the original speaker. 90% of viewers rate our voices as good or very good compared to traditional dubbing techniques.



Go global with your digital media

Unlock new revenue streams with your English content by automating the dubbing and localization of your videos

AI-generated voices like you’ve never heard before.
Papercup’s award-winning machine learning engine produces synthetic voices that sound like human actors.

Machine learning meets speech synthesis

We’ve developed an award-winning machine learning text-to-speech system that has been backed by organizations like Innovate UK. Our in-house research team has published several papers, been granted patents and continues to be at the forefront of this new technology’s development.

Human-sounding voices, made by AI

The synthetic voices that our system produces are extremely lifelike and even capture some of the nuances of the original speaker’s vocal traits. The new voice is controlled and adapted by our translation team to make it indistinguishable from a native speaker of that language.

A wide range of voices and styles

One of the key features of our patented speech synthesis solution is the range of voices and styles that we can generate. Our software gives you more control than ever before, meaning we can generate customized voices that suit each content creator or brand.


Making the world’s videos watchable in any language.

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