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Beautiful product photos in seconds

Create Instagram-worthy photos for any product with the click of a button

Comes with 17 default themes or…

Just tell Pebblely what you want to see!

Mix it up on your website, email, and social

Don’t use the same boring photo across all your marketing channels.

Generate multiple product photos in various settings, for different occasions, to grab shoppers’ attention.

Resize and extend your images to any size

Turn a single generated image into multiple marketing assets.

  • Instagram stories
  • Facebook posts
  • Email banners
  • Hero images
  • Ad photos
  • and more.

One image. Multiple pieces of content.

For small business owners, creative agencies, and designers

Instantly create photos in any setting for mood boards, mockups, social media posts, and advertisements.

Advanced capabilities for AI professionals

Since you scrolled all the down way here, here are some advanced features for you:

  • Add multiple products →
  • Edit generated images →
  • Reuse a background →

What will you create?

Find your next winning shot

Generating product images using AI can be tricky. But it becomes a lot simpler using proven prompts and settings tested by businesses around the world. Choose from dozens of beautiful styles and take your best shot with Pebblely.

The Pebblely Blog

Resources to help you become smarter about using AI for your marketing


Purchase your plan

Any product. Any setting.

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