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Snowflake data cloud

Join the global network where thousands of organizations mobilize their data and apps, put AI to work, and collaborate across teams to drive success.

A platform like no other

Snowflake’s single platform eliminates data silos and simplifies architectures, so you can get more value from your data.

Optimized Storage

Gives you unsoiled access to any data at a near-infinite scale, including data outside of Snowflake.

Elastic Multi-Cluster Compute

Delivers leading performance for any number of users, data volumes, and workloads with a single, scalable engine.

Cloud Services

Ensures Snowflake “just works” with automation that helps eliminate costly and complex resource investments.


Globally connect to data and apps across regions and clouds, securely, through a single consistent experience.

Performance Optimizations

Continuously improves price for performance with transparent platform improvements and new features to manage costs.


Develop pipelines, AI / ML models, apps and more with runtimes and libraries to securely deploy and host non-SQL code.

Snowflake Marketplace

Discover and access the data and apps most critical to your business; and collaborate with the Data Cloud network.

Snowflake Partner Network

Migrate, optimize and drive more insights with partner services, tools and integrations.

Bring Workloads to the data

Bring more workloads, users and use cases directly to your data, and connect with the most relevant content all within the Data Cloud.

Leading companies lead with Snowflake

Across the world and across industries, organizations are using the Snowflake Data Cloud to collaborate with data, build data applications and pull ahead of their competitors.

Industry solution

From AI, to applications and secure collaboration, learn how businesses and entire industries are transforming with the Data Cloud.

Advertising, Media and Entertainment

Power the future of privacy-preserving advertising and customer experience.

Media Industry Icon

Advertising, Media and Entertainment

Financial Services

Generate alpha, manage risk and transform customer experiences.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Improve outcomes and deliver the future of data-driven health.


Unlock IT and shop floor data to optimize supply chains and power smart manufacturing.


Build superior products, rapidly adopt AI and deliver innovative customer experiences.

Public Sector

Optimize operations and advance your mission with unified, secure and governed data.

Retail & Consumer Goods

Drive personalization, optimize supply chain, improve pricing decisions and enable data monetization.


Enhance customer experience, maximize efficiencies and improve data monetization capabilities.

Snowflake Events

Discover upcoming Snowflake events, both virtual and on-site, across the globe.


Choose pricing for your region & prefered platform

Try Snowflake free for 30 days and experience the Data Cloud that helps eliminate the complexity, cost and constraints inherent with other solutions.

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