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Extract insights from audio & video content

Steno is an AI-powered tool that helps professionals gather valuable information, track brands, research competitors, and understand public opinion.

Unlock insights from podcasts, YouTube, & more

Steno has a growing proprietary dataset with 49 million hours of content and hundreds of thousands of transcripts


Chapter-based podcast summaries that provide an overview of the episode, along with key insights into themes, topics, people, or trends discussed

Get Insights

Search for brands, people, topics, and products — find every mention of any keyword with just a few clicks

Chat with StenoAI

Have endless conversations with our chatbot — talk to your favorite humans and learn all about your favorite topics

All podcasts

Subscribe to your favorite shows and discover new ones.

Steno unlocks the insights in podcasts and content. We are an AI-driven market intelligence and search platform.

There is a wealth of information trapped inside opaque audio and video files.

We use generative AI to make the information accessible and useful. This feeds into our growing proprietary dataset, which currently houses tens of millions of hours of content.

To do this, we are creating one of the biggest and most important information resources in the world.

A handful of AI companies will shape the arc of humanity — Steno will be one of them.

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