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Quickly summarize web articles with OpenAI.


Get concise, easy-to-understand summaries of any web article. presents the main points of the text, allowing you to absorb essential information when you’re short on time.

How it works

This site uses Full-Text RSS to extract article content and convert to plain text. It then uses OpenAI for article summarization.

Mailing list

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We offer a free and premium plan.

API for businesses and developers

We offer an article summarization API via RapidAPI. From there you can generate code in a variety of programming languages to integrate into your own project. You’ll also see the kind of responses to expect from the API.

If you’re comfortable working with the OpenAI API and only need a way to get article text, use our Full-Text RSS API with the ‘content’ parameter set to ‘text’.

For technical advice, additional help, or to discuss a project that could benefit from article summarization.

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