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Data experts or beginners can use this free AI tool to do time-consuming data tasks quickly. AirOps uses OpenAI models plus their methods to make accurate and reliable AI helpers!

Use Data Sidekick’s AI recipes for writing SQL, making docs, and lots more when working with data. The AI does the hard parts for you. Create and grow integrated Workflow with the newest AI models like GPT-4-turbo, DALLE-3, and Claude 2.

Recipe Book

Speed through data tasks using our AI helpers. Works great for beginners or experts!

  • Query Writer: Write SQL queries in plain language. Ask a question – get a query – and run it.
  • SQL Fixer: Query not working? Quickly fix syntax errors.
  • Query Updater: Update queries by typing a change – get the new code.
  • SQL Query Optimizer: Optimize queries to improve speed and lower data costs.
  • Question Suggestor: Suggest questions your data could answer to get value.
  • Table Documenter: Auto-generate table documentation drafts.
  • Query Explainer: Instantly explain complex queries in simple language.
  • Python Script Creator: Full Python scripts generated from a table. Works with any library.
  • Generate dbt Config: Kickstart dbt projects. Gives .yaml entries for dbt SQL.
  • dbt SQL Query Assistant: Write dbt SQL with plain language.
  • dbt Python Creator: Python scripts generated from dbt models.


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