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Make short videos from long ones instantly

Create social-ready short clips from your long videos with AI ✨ Save 90% time and effort

How it works? automatically selects, edits & captions top moments from your videos.

Import Your Video

Upload a video from your computer or use a Youtube link

Set Your Preferences

Tell us your requirements for platforms, formats, & templates

Get Your Videos In Minutes

Our AI will make customized short videos

You can change colors, fonts, subtitles & more


Know more about the product, updates & best practices

Auto-video Captioning

Captions improve video performance by 40%

Video Resizing

Get platform native sizes for videos

Video Clipping

Get most interesting parts of videos magically

Auto-video Chapters

Get chapter timestamps for better descriptions

Social Media Templates

High performing & visually appealing looks for your videos

CutMagic Scene Detection

Simple way to navigate and edit multicam and complex videos with automatic scene change detection.

Who can use

Content repurposing can grow your online presence significantly

Video podcasters & creators

Grow faster on social media by sharing more content from your main videos with the power of content repurposing

For Content Teams

Your content marketing efforts can yield up to 4X results with the right kind of content repurposing for webinars, workshops, and more

Don’t leave online growth to chance!

83% video creators & businesses said content repurposing helps them grow faster

Spend more time creating and less time editing & managing

Grow on multiple platforms without investing extra time and effort

Engage viewers everywhere on platforms that matter to you

Instant AI Captions and Subtitles for Videos

Improve your video performance online by subtitling videos with the power of AI

How will AI-Generated Subtitles help my videos?

Adding subtitles to your videos creates a better viewing experience for your audience as now you’re offering them three different styles image, sound, and text.

Expand your reach

Adding subtitles and a headline in your videos is more likely to increase your audience reach as more people tend to stop at your video after seeing the headline. Subtitles generated are customizable offering a wide range of combinations and styles.

Increase engagement

Subtitles are a great way to capture your audience’s attention, highlighting important words or phrases keeps your audience glued to your videos. The more engaging videos you make, more the attention you get.

Easily searchable

Platforms such as YouTube have algorithms in place to identify the contents of a video using subtitles. Our AI-based subtitling allows you to generate SRT files that you can use for your YouTube video which in turn will help your video’s discoverability with YouTube SEO.

Simple, transparent pricing.

Pay only for upload minutes. Download unlimited videos.

Our goal is to help 1 Million creators grow online faster over the next 5 years. Content creation and consumption globally is only growing at a rapid pace. We want to help accelerate that with the power of AI.

Build the future of video editing with AI !

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