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Your thoughts in words: Wordtune

Say exactly what you mean through clear, compelling and authentic writing. Wordtune will help you more.

Wordtune works on your favorite websites:

The Wordtune Story:

Wordtune was built by AI21 Labs, founded in 2018 by AI luminaries. Our goal is to revolutionize the way we read and write. We design advanced AI tools and language models that understand the context and semantics of written text. These models are what set Wordtune apart as the first AI-based writing companion, moving far beyond grammar and spelling fixes to help you put your own thoughts into written words.



The free version will transform your writing. Premium will take it to the next level.


Though Generative AI has gained a lot of attention, many writers are still hesitant to use it, feeling it takes away the essential part of owning what you write.

This is because Generative AI can produce an output that closely resembles the original content, making it difficult to distinguish the original from the generated. Furthermore, Generative AI can also produce content that may not have gone through the same level of editing and revision that is expected of human-written content.

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