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End-to-end encrypted forms & surveys for Everyone

BlockSurvey is a privacy-first platform. No ads, no trackers.

Protect your respondents’ data and privacy. The only survey tool that keeps your data safe.

Own your data

From now on, your data will be stored encrypted in your decentralized private storage and only accessible to you. You have full ownership. We can’t see your data—no more data leaks and data breaches.

Protect your respondents’ privacy

Stop having to worry about your respondents viewing ads, trackers, or other third-party scripts that are known to pose privacy, security, or confidentiality risks. No ads, no trackers, no cookies.


Generate Surveys in Seconds with AI. Create your survey in just a few clicks, using AI-generated questions. No programming skills are required.

Everything you need

Using BlockSurvey to protect their respondents’ privacy, increase their survey completion rates, get better community feedback, and build better organizations. There are so many features are…

End-to-end encrypted

Responses are encrypted using your public key. Only you can unlock it to see it.

Make it anonymous

Create anonymous surveys with BlockSurvey to gain trust and ensure the privacy of your respondents.

White label

Keep your branding language consistent using your fonts, themes, logos, and custom domain (White label).

AI surveys

Generate Surveys in Seconds with AI. Create your survey in just a few clicks, using AI-generated questions. No programming skills are required.

Team collaboration

Collaborate as a team in creating forms and surveys in realtime like Figma.

Email auto responders

Thank a respondent for taking your survey or send a response copy.


Connect to 500+ apps using Webhooks using Zapier, Integromat. Direct notifications to Slack and Discord.

Skip Logic

Create custom flows in your forms based on answers. Also called as conditional logic, branch logic.

Built in analytics

Obtain key insights and ideas from collected data. Includes pivot tables, word cloud, and sentiment analysis.

Embed, Widgets

Add your form and survey to your website as embeds, popups, cards, and sliders.

Right to left language support

Create forms and surveys in languages written from right to left such as Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu etc.


Accept payments easily and securely through the forms and surveys you create.


BlockSurvey is one of the best survey software that you will find in the market. The platform has many features that can be used to your advantage.

Creating Accessible Surveys

This blog explains the accessibility feature in forms and surveys. The survey accessibility feature helps visually challenged people to access the survey easily. Unlocking Insights from the Disabled Population for Better Decision-Making

Bot Prevention

Protect your survey from malicious bots or automated activities with the bot prevention tool.

Display Logic

Display logic is a type of survey logic that allows you to display a question based on how the respondent’s are answering the previous question. With display logic, you can hide a certain question from the survey until the respondent’s answer the previous question in a certain way.


Create online forms and surveys in seconds

A collection of visually appealing online form and survey templates that are ready to be used with BlockSurvey.

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What you get when you enroll

  • A simple method to earn money online with a true privacy-driven product.
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Create privacy-centric surveys hosted on the blockchain

BlockSurvey helps you create end-to-end encrypted surveys that are kept in a decentralized private storage. This means that all your data is secure, private, and known only to you.

Protect the data being collected on your surveys

Your survey recipient signs up using a decentralized identity that is anchored on the blockchain. Since there are no trackers, cookies, or ads on the platform, the respondent owns their identity, data, and account at all times.

Boost your marketing campaigns with brandable surveys

Customize your survey to fit your brand. Add your brand colors, fonts, logo, and other styling components to grow your brand awareness. Increase your brand authenticity and build credibility with your audience by adding a custom URL to your surveys.

Collaborate with your team seamlessly

With Blocksurvey, you can create roles and permissions for people that will grant access to specific information. Like who can administer team space. Or who can create/edit/view the data. So when you’re designing your surveys with your team, you can set up all these roles, permissions, and everything in between. Think Figma but for surveys.

Find your fit

Join 500+ members who use BlockSurvey to protect their respondents’ data and privacy.

You can cancel your account within 30 days of subscription and get a full refund, no questions asked.

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