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From an Idea to a Blog in minutes

Spend hours and hours of your time trying to get it right, or simply leverage the power of artificial intelligence to create blogs that humans and search engines love.

Why LongShot?

“But I can just create content myself!” Yeah, James, I can also create content by myself; in fact, I enjoy it. But what I enjoy even more are the frequent naps I can afford from all the time I save creating content using AI.

Generate Helpful SEO Content for your Readers

“Isn’t this helpful content something that Google keeps on repeating?” Yes, James, you heard it right! You can 10x your SERP ranking by generating topically relevant user-centric content.

Learn what users search via People Also Asked questions.

Learn how well your content answers those questions.

Explore how your competitors are scoring for the same queries.



Customized AI Templates for Specific Needs

“Hold on! You mean AI can write for my specific use case?” Yeah, James, you can easily create and share templates that match your workflow and automate them for your specific use case. Just give AI an example and ask it to replicate for your use case. Here are some use cases

Copywriting templates for web copy, ads, etc.

Storytelling-based templates to write stories, lyrics, & poems.

Email templates for different user journeys and purposes.

Generate Factually Accurate AI Content

“Oh, look what the AI just generated. It doesn’t even make sense!” Once in a while, an AI writer generates inaccurate content that might be considered nonsensical. But we don’t do that here. AI ensures that the generated content is 100% unique and factually accurate.

You share text, and AI tells if the content is factually accurate or not.

AI drops links to high-authority websites to support its claim.


Explore Our Featured Integrations

Using too many tools means opening too many browser tabs. In short, too much hassle. But not anymore! Save time and effort by finding all your favorite tools in one place.

  • WordPress Plugin
  • Semrush
  • Copyscape
  • HubSpot
  • Ghost
  • Medium

Here’s what our users have to say

Join 20,000+ people who use LongShot to create amazing blogs that rank 10X faster.


Create Helpful SEO Content

Get started with a 5-day trial for only $1. Cancel anytime.



Exploring LongShot Plans

Check our detailed plan comparison.



Use LongShot’s FactGPT Feature to generate fresh and relevant user-sourced content with citations
Want to generate the freshest and most relevant content on the web in no time? Of course, you do.

Presenting the LongShot FactGPT, a feature like none other… Yep! We’re claiming that.


LongShot’s FactGPT feature allows you to generate fresh, user-sourced content with citations.

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