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Grow your brand and drive demand with video at scale

Our online video creator makes it easy for anyone on your team to create engaging video content

Easier than building a slide deck

Creating with Lumen5 is just like making a presentation. Point and click, drag and drop, done and done.


Templates designed to help you stay on brand, on budget, and on time

Tap into hundreds of customizable designs made to help you communicate effectively and consistently.



Lumen5 helps marketers, publishers, and brands create video content in a breeze, without any technical expertise.

Transform blog posts to videos in minutes

Lumen5 uses A.I. and machine learning to help you turn blog posts, whitepapers, and other written content into videos with the click of a button.

Simply pop in a link to your blog to get started


Lumen5 will automatically fetch content from your link, pulling in text and images to begin the transformation process. If your content is not online, you can copy/paste written content or type directly into Lumen5.

The A.I. automatically generates the video

Within seconds, Lumen5 will summarize your blog post and use A.I. to match each scene with relevant stock footage. The timing of each scene is algorithmically determined based on average reading speed. Text positioning and scene compositions are calculated to produce the best visual output.


Plans for your video content creation strategy



We help global brands unlock the potential of video marketing
Drive brand awareness and smash through MQL targets by enabling your team to create engaging videos at scale.

Lumen5 is built for multilingual content creation and equipped with translation tools to help you scale across global markets.

We work with your brand team every step of the way!

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