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Generative AI for your business

Deploy the world’s best Language AI in your product within days. Select from our library, fine-tune, or build your own capabilities to analyze and process text, audio, and video at scale.

Embedded AI

Easily integrate advanced AI into your products and services to improve user experience and drive innovation. Our customizable AI Skills allow you to focus on building great products, while we manage the development, fine-tuning, and infrastructure.

  • Enable natural language and chat-based interaction
  • Provide users with summaries and structured insights
  • Generate and process content with context understanding

Business Ready

One AI accelerates the success of businesses in their journey. In addition to our generative AI capabilities, we allow conversion of everyday language into structured, actionable data, providing seamless integration into products and services.

We focus on transparency, explainability, and alignment with the source documents. Our tuning process and long-term performance are optimized in terms of cost, speed, and carbon footprint.

Developer Friendly

One AI makes it easy for developers to utilize AI. Our API provides structured, machine-readable output and allows for seamless integration into products. With stackable and composable Language Skills, developers can focus on realizing the benefits of Artificial Language, rather than becoming bogged down in the details.

Language Skills

Summarize, tag and analyze language with stackable, composable NLP building blocks, built on state-of-the-art models, all with a single API call.

Multilingual AI

Only 5% of the world’s population speaks English as their native language. Most of the capabilities are multilingual. So whether you build a podcast platform, CRM, content publishing tool, or any other product, the language detection, processing, transcription, analytics, and comprehension capabilities are here.


Deploy state-of-the-art Language AI tailored for your business, in days

At One AI, our mission is to bring human-level language to everyday life. We believe in the transformative power of generative to redefine human-machine interactions, and we’re committed to navigating this revolution responsibly, with an emphasis on fostering transparency, building trust, and diligently mitigating risk.

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