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Supercharge your Support Operations with AI

TheLoops Intelligent Support Operations platform provides visibility, insights and automations across your support stack. Drive operational efficiency while utilizing insights to retain revenue and customers.

See beyond your support stack

TheLoops integrates product signals and customer data so you can understand what’s happening outside your support tools without a data scientist.

Know your leading indicators

TheLoops Impact Analysis scores every customer interaction based on revenue at risk, sentiment, and product usage so you can make real-time decisions that drive business outcomes.

Get ahead of escalations

TheLoops Escalation Prediction identifies at-risk tickets before they escalate, enabling your team to deliver proactive support and protect revenue.

Build your support workflows

TheLoops low-code platform lets you configure processes and automate resolutions without the need of an engineer.

Upskill your agents

TheLoops Agent Assist & Monitoring delivers insights and context alongside tickets for agents, and detailed agent performance reports and conversation views for managers.


TheLoops Intelligent Support Operations platform provides visibility, insights and automations across your support stack.

Leave data silos behind

TheLoops makes data silos a thing of the past for support. Connect to your data wherever it lives via our library of integrations and our universal API connector.

Leave data silos behind graphic

Extend your existing tools

TheLoops workflows and alerts integrate seamlessly across platforms, extending your existing support tools without the need for expensive custom development from vendors.

Share context across teams

TheLoops bi-directional data sync makes it easy to share valuable context and insights across your teams, bringing support-driven alignment to your entire company.

Data Security

TheLoops is trusted with the most sensitive customer information of leading organizations. We specialize in industries with sophisticated security requirements— financial services, network services, IaaS and PaaS. TheLoops invests in security technologies, operations, and external audits to ensure our systems and processes are their best.

Secure by design

TheLoops’ architecture is secure by design. While operating as a cloud software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, all customer data can be stored on your company’s infrastructure. In addition, all data is encrypted at Rest and protected by TLS in transit.

Permissions & Access

We enable granular permission levels within TheLoops to be set for your teammates. Permission can be set to include app settings, integrations, user data and financial data.

Amazon Web Services

TheLoops utilizes a variety of manual and automatic data security and vulnerability checks throughout the software development lifecycle.

Incident Response

TheLoops has policies and procedures for handling security events which includes escalation paths, rapid resolution and post mortems.


All employees complete a security training program to understand risks, procedures and employ best practices when handling customer data.


Our team is responsible for reviewing, updating, testing and maintaining our security, privacy and data protection policies. All employees are informed of our policies.


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