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Auto buy low and sell high with an exclusive crypto trading bot

16 Free built-in trading bots

DCA Bot – Composite Mode

The DCA bot’s composite mode is a powerful tool that allows traders to trade multiple coins at the same time, mitigating risks by diversifying the portfolio. This mode is particularly useful for traders who want to reduce their risk exposure across multiple cryptocurrencies.

The Pionex composite DCA bot is flexible and customizable, with a range of parameters that you can adjust to suit your trading strategy. These parameters include:

  • Signals: the signals you want to use as the start condition for each deals
  • Price deviation: the percentage of price deviation that triggers the bot to execute a trade
  • Take profit ratio: the profit ratio at which the bot will automatically sell your cryptocurrency
  • Investment: the amount of cryptocurrency you want to invest in each trade

Rebalancing Bot

Create your own index
If you are optimistic about multiple coins at the same time, and are willing to hold coins for a long time to gain value appreciation, you can choose to use the rebalancing bot.

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