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Make Infographics for Everything

Not a designer? No problem. Make professional infographics or any other visuals you can think of in just a few steps. Start now!

Infographic Templates

Transform your dull documents, dry data, and confusing communications into engaging infographics with business-approved templates. Get started with Venngage’s infographic maker today.

Make your own infographics and communicate in a catch-your-eye format. Explore our selection of 10,000+ infographic templates created by a team of professional information designers — ideal for showcasing your in-depth data, insightful research, and business brilliance. Dive in with an idea and customize an infographic template to bring it to life.

Set your business communications apart with professionally designed infographic templates

Capture, engage and retain your audience with stunning infographic templates, created by our team of professional graphic designers weekly. Make any infographic template your own, regardless of design skills.

Capture, engage and retain your audience with stunning infographic templates, created by our team of professional graphic designers weekly. Make any infographic template your own, regardless of design skills.

Make stunning infographics in 3 simple steps

You don’t need a fancy design degree to make professional infographics. Share your ideas visually and set your communications apart. Start now for free.

Choose from 7,500 professional templates

Pick a pre-made infographic template or create your own. No matter what you want to convey, you’ll find a template to get the job done and then some.

Get creative with a simple yet powerful editor

Jazz up your design with beautiful icons, photos and charts. Take your “pic” from 3+ million stock photos and 40,000+ icons and illustrations.

Download or share designs with your team

Download and share your designs or invite your team to collaborate on the creation process, all in real time. Get feedback, get aligned, and get results.

Simple yet powerful design – perfect for all skill levels

Whether you’re creating visuals on your own or working with a team, you can count on Venngage to help you make the best design to communicate your ideas.

User-Friendly Editor and Templates

Venngage’s simple drag-and-drop editor is a breeze to use. Swap out text, images and icons or add data to your design with the click of a button.

Choose from thousands of professionally designed templates created by our team of graphic designers. Add charts, graphs and diagrams to turn complex numbers into simple stories. Simply select a template you love and customize away.

Diverse Icons and Free Stock Photos

Efficiently highlight that point you’re trying to make. Choose from over 40,000 icons and illustrations (including 2000+ diverse icons) to jazz up your designs and keep your audience engaged.

With 3+ million stunning free stock photos sourced directly from Pixabay and Pexels at your fingertips, you can make sure your design is visually appealing in just a few clicks.

Instant Branding and Collaboration

Get everything you need to stay on brand and collaborate with your brand mates, right in the editor. Upload your company logos, colors and fonts to create a custom brand kit.

Add these elements to your designs with a click and add your coworkers to your account, too! Collaborate with multiple people on the same design in real-time – perfect for a remote or hybrid workplace.

Export to PNG, PDF or PowerPoint

Share your designs for free with a public link, or upgrade to download in multiple formats, like PDF, PNG and PDG HD. Or, download your file as an Interactive PDF to make sure all your links are clickable.

Want more options? HTML and PowerPoint downloads are also available for Business users, allowing you to share your designs easily through email or as a PPTX file.

24/5 Priority Support

Need some design support? We’re here to help with any and all questions. Our support team is available around the clock, so your team can keep working like clockwork.

Connect with our support team through chat, phone or email any time, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and help bring your designs to life.

Smart Diagram Features

Now you can easily visualize ideas with diagrams, flowcharts, mind maps and more — and this time, actually make them engaging.

Venngage’s smart editor auto-resizes diagram shapes as you add, edit or remove text, and you can easily copy and paste shapes and styles in a few clicks.

Valentine’s Day Card Maker

Create unique and personalized Valentine card ideas and designs with our AI card generation tool.

Choose your own adventure! Generate a Valentine’s Day card in one of two ways

Personalize for your loved ones

Tell us a bit about your Valentine. What’s their name? What do they like? How do you now them? We’ll take it from there and generate a card for you.


Don’t think twice — roll the dice and generate random cards for random made up friends!


Easy-to-apply design tips at your fingertips


Choose Your Plan

Create better infographics to attract customers, grow your business, and transform dry reports and dull data sets into exciting executive leadership communication.

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