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Win more business with AI-driven lead gen.

Voxwave adds your voice to your email campaigns boosting response rates.

Convert ice-cold leads into blazing-hot buyers.

Use dynamic tags like {name} and {company} to send hundreds of personalized voice emails to pre-warmed leads. Or send a static voice message to 100k+ cold leads.

At whatever stage your lead is at Voxwave gets you more calls booked and more sales.

More calls are booked in 3 easy steps.

  • Record 1 min of your voice on our platform.
  • Write your message using dynamic tags.
  • Drop our snippet into your mailer.
  • It’s that simple. Plus we’ll show you all the important data points you’ll ever need.

Give your leads the personalization they deserve.

As sales professionals are better in person. Clients choose you based on expertise, confidence, and trust.

Your voice makes you a trusted advisor by adding you to the equation, providing a human touch to the moments that matter most — the ones people remember long after their experience is over.

By the time you talk, they’ll already recognize your voice.

Start building credibility from the outset with a clear, consistent voice in your initial message. Personalize follow-up messages by auto-generating names for increased engagement. Revitalize leads who have fallen off by reaching out with a familiar voice.

Voxwave Product Overview

We developed Voxwave to help companies win more business by boosting response rates through AI-driven lead generation.


Most email marketers understand that personalization is crucial for a successful cold email campaign. We wanted to take it to the next level by adding cloned voice personalization at scale.

Up until now, the only way to send personalized messages to a large audience was by using variables like {{name}} or {{company}} in text-based emails. This is what’s known as a standard cold outreach email – As I’m sure you know.

However, with the advent of AI Voice Cloning technology, we can now extend this concept to voice messaging, in conjunction with email marketing.

This means that your prospects can hear a message in your voice, with their name and a personalized offer made specifically for them. It creates a highly personalized and tailored experience for the end-user.

Did you know
  • The average reply rate for cold email is approximately 5%
  • 85% of sales require 5 or more follow-ups to go through
  • Only 2% of sales go through on the first time
  • Most sales happen between the 5th and 8th follow up

Dynamic Response

Here you only send Dynamic messages as a response to your cold emails. The advantage is that you save more voice generation credits compared to Dynamic Cold Outreach.

For example, you’ve sent 5k cold emails to prospects and you have 200 hundred replies. Here you set up a separate email sequence with the rule: “if reply then add to dynamic sequence”.

Static Then Dynamic

This is a one-two combo. First, you do your cold outreach containing a static message and then you do a follow-up with a dynamic message.

Reactivating Leads

85% of sales require 5 or more follow-ups. Here we try and solve this problem.

How many times have you spoken to some prospects who said they’d follow up but didn’t? It happens all the time.

Here you send simply send out dynamic messages as a follow. The best thing is they’ll remember your voice making it much harder for them to say no.

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