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Build a Video Knowledge Base with AI

Create how-to videos and host an engaging video knowledge base in minutes.

All-in-one support video platform

Create How-To videos

Use our AI-powered video creator, to make step-by-step HowTo videos

Host Video Knowledge Base

Build a professional video knowledge base with pre-made layouts

Reach with an in-app widget

Provide better support by contextually providing video help to your visitors

Benefits with WowTo

Easily create support videos

Our video editor is made for support staff. No prior design expertise is required

Branded and Beautiful

Pick a knowledge base layout to match your use-case and brand it with logo, coverart, icon

Natural AI voice overs

Want your video to speak in UK dialect or german. No worries, let our AI do the talking.

Localized videos

With native multi-lingual capability, Let your global users hear videos in their locale

Video support anywhere

Use WowTo widget inside your app to bring in-app video tutorials programmatically.

Always up-to-date

Your product always changes, so should your videos. WowTo makes updating a breeze.

Integrated video access

Bring your video knowledge base inside apps like Intercom, Slack for easier access

Many ways to create

Create videos using chrome extension, images, or simply turn PDF/PPT to videos.

Bring WowTo inside your customer support apps


Delight your customers with multilingual video knowledge base

A self-serve video help center that is easy to create and empowers your users with answers 24×7.

Why use Videos?


72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of video rather than reading text.

User Adoption

A better understanding of the product leads to higher product adoption. 64% of users are more likely to buy a product after watching a video.

Less Support Tickets

Self-service is preferred by 66% of customers and hence a knowledge base will immensely help you reduce your support tickets.

How support teams use WowTo?

Create annotated walkthrough videos in minutes

Use WowTo Chrome extension to quickly record step-by-step How-to videos with annotations and AI voice over in multiple languages and share with users using a link in response to support queries.

Host a Video Knowledge base

Create a collection of video tutorials using WowTo or import your existing videos to build a beautiful and branded video knowledge base. Let your users find answers to their questions any time.

Video help inside app

Embed WowTo video widget inside your application to help your users not just in their onboarding but at every other point

Integrate inside your existing support channel

Integrate the WowTo video knowledge base inside your Intercom chat widget or your Slack workspace to make it easier for your users to access help across all channels.

Plans suited for all

WowTo provides the best platform to create support videos with AI, host video knowledgebase and provide contextual video assist with widgets.


Our team is comprised of industry experts who are passionate about their work, and have an extensive background in video technologies and AI frameworks.

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