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The AI platform built for the enterprise

World-class companies trust Writer to unlock the power of generative AI across every team

An AI platform designed for your business

We start with an LLM built for business, layer in the information that matters, and tailor outputs to your brand.


Writer is an enterprise AI

Adds intelligence

Writer is the only enterprise AI platform that builds off of LLM “clay,” adding layers of intelligence that include great writing, business context, your content, and your company facts. And we’re the only one that detects and fact-checks output for you.

Supports your brand

Only Writer is trained on your brand, including your best content, voice, style guide, key terms, and core messages. This means your AI-generated content sounds like you, every time.

Snaps into your data sources

Only Writer snaps into your data sources, such as your wiki, cloud storage, chat channels, and knowledge bases, and acts as a source of truth to fact-check claims, do research, and ask questions in real time. We also make sense of your text, videos, PDFs, audio, spreadsheets, and URLs to create, repurpose, analyze, and transform your content.

Extends your ecosystem

Only Writer ties AI directly into your team’s workflows and tool ecosystem. We give you out-of-the–box integrations and extensions, plus a robust API so you can deliver AI directly into +100 third-party applications.

Keeps your data private

Only Writer keeps your data private. Unlike other AI tools that reserve the right to retain and use your data, with Writer, you own your data and we’ll never use it in our foundation model. You also get an API to your own, fine-tuned, private, and secure LLM, to use directly in any of your internal applications.

Is business-ready

Only Writer gives you multiple deployment options, including the option to own, host, and customize your own LLM on-premises or in your cloud. We support deployments across multiple teams, with robust reporting, SCIM provisioning, user and team management, and audit logs. Plus, we’re compliant with SOC 2 Type II, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, and Privacy Shield.


Optimize with custom templates

Set bespoke input and output requirements to ensure the generated content meets your format, word count, and stylistic constraints.

Build a consistent brand

We provide brand governance features like key terms and a style guide, so you can enforce your editorial rules with in-line suggestions for all your writers.

Enrich with Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Graph is your information layer. It connects Writer with your most important data sources, like company wikis, databases, cloud storage platforms, and chat channels. With it, you can reflect your company facts in your output.

The Payoff

The only AI writing solution that lives up to the hype

An AI platform built for the enterprise

Finally! Generative AI that is secure, learns from your data, and is customized to your company’s brand and workflows.

Meet Palmyra, our family of LLMs

Unlike other large language models, Palmyra, our family of LLMs, is built for business. Here’s what that means:

Quality data

Trained on high-quality formal and business writing, rather than the mediocrity of the internet.

Powerful capabilities

Skilled at answering questions, zero-shots, cause and effect, and other advanced tasks.

Efficient model size

APIs priced at a fraction of larger LLMs, without compromising capability or accuracy.

Industry specificity

Developed specifically for industries like healthcare and financial services.

Ability to self-host

Offered as self-hosted option. Own, host, and customize your own version of our LLM.


Plans & pricing

For organizations that need additional security and control.

We make it easy to adopt Writer

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