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Meetings, calls, and chats with AI-based translator.

YOUS unites people who want to talk to each other but don’t speak the same language

Audio/video meetings with built-in AI-translator

Create online meetings, YOUS will be your personal voice and text translator during the meeting

Phone calls with built-in AI-translator

Call mobile and landline numbers, YOUS will help you translate telephone speech during a call

Chats and messages with built-in AI-translator

Send and receive messages in your native language, YOUS will help you translate messages

Transcription of speech in text chat format

The speech of the interlocutors is recognized and displayed in text format

Meetings, phone calls, and messages are protected

We take security seriously and transfer and store data securely


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You can install the application on iOS and Android smartphones, as well as use a web application that works through any browser.

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